Where can I sell ebooks online in Kenya?

Been looking for places to sell ebooks on local Kenyan platforms? Any suggestions?

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Chance Publishers. Wako hapo Afya Center area.

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ebooks are online books. I think he needs an online marketplace like jiji, ktalk classifieds, fb goups, twittter, ig, etc.

OP have you considered going with PPC or similar campaigns

Kenyans don’t read


Mimi ningangane kusoma kitabu Na si exam nafanya.if it is a matter of passing time, Ktalk hekaya section will suffice

They have an online setup for selling e books.

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I had a similar idea of taping the Kenyan market and I tried flutterwave but masharti yao ni mengi. Then I tried Paystack, hio ndio natumia sahizi. These two have mpesa sdk payment so its easier for Kenyans to buy. You can set up an ebook store with them. Downside is that you will have to look for buyers, hakuna platform ya kuuza vitabu Kenya as far as I know. So utakuwa hawker ukishare links kwa social media or better create your own blog or website and market your ebooks

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Apprx how much does it cost

Lemme check it out

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It’s just media buying. The costs vary depending on the target keyword.

You create ads in facebook Ads, google Ads and test whether they convert.


The best thing in your case is I think is Creating a twitter, facebook, or instagram page aiut books and grow it.

Once you get followers, you can start selling on your page

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How are sales so far? Any ROI on social media? I have a blog but it’s still infant.

Read this blog post on selling ebooks online in Kenya and the idea of selling on international platforms like Payhip and Samashwords seems interesting. Would you advice?

A blog will frustruate you. You’ll need to ace SEO, which is another BEAST on its own. And deal with Google Search Updates.

Go with social media. You can still have a blog, but you won’t depend on it 100% on traffic.

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Whatsapp is a good start if you already have a target niche. It is much easier to get a sale. For me I have sold over 100 copies in just 2 weeks. But the best solution is to have a blog where you can get regular visitors who may end became potential customers.