Where can I kula a muhindi?

Am interested up to age 35 woman. Those of you who have achieved it, how did you do it? Theyisa woman whose shop I go to to get some stationery, she is very friendly and on Friday she brought me some sweety sweety things for diwali and was touching touching me hivi hivi. I think she wants the mjulubeng but am not interested in spending another six months pursuing this, especially given her husband is always looking at me like he wants to strangle me, but am looking to get it out of my system.

new delhi or chennai panda ndege birrionaire

Go work for her as a houseboy…


Mombasa ni mbali saidi…

Ingia parklands wameja

Somehow i fear these advertisrrs

Ama aende Uta pradesh

enda Mumbai

Sahau Hao …
Enda B-Club na ubonge poa a hao Ma-Hostess … :D:D



fine ass ladies


Shinda apo na HiV issues tuu

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Tru dis :wink:

Ama Deira Dubai

:Dboss you are smart…:D:D

Hapo sawa