Where Can i get genuine men's Jewellery

Kwani wewe ni wa Gaza

Kuna shimo flani Eastleigh mimi huingia na 10k natoka kama shingo imechafuka ajab…original sterling silver jewelry.

Ningekupa my jeweller’s number but unakaa kusumbua.

These shops in town have been in nairobi for ages , I wonder where some people have been.
We used to buy silver from them since back in the 90s.
Conclusion , most here are rural urban folk.

ni mawe unatafuta kupigwa na raia,unasema hao ni watu ya mashambani?:D:D:D:D:D:D

Why does man need jewelry though? Are you trying to make up for something you lack… like length and girth in the right places?

Nagin pattni


As I always say, if u have to ask u are just a wannabe, ferking peasant

Don’t come to my thread and insult me,do this next time and i add you to my blocklist like Georgina Makena