Where Can i get genuine men's Jewellery

I am looking for pure men’s silver and gold chains,searched online and all i see is the downtown Moi avenue shops and cheap fake Chinese junk in the market . It seems like Kenya does not have one stop shops like US-Foreva21’s and Wallmarts etc except for Mr.Price,Levis (which are good and i prefer to shop at) or people have very poor digital marketing skills.,you have to tarmac to get clothes etc.Where can i get a shop that sells jewelry,i do not like fake things and would even rather cough up over Kshs.50k for something real.


You cannot get pure gold jewellery!

Can you get something close to gold/silver or stainless steel, i do not like these fake gold coated jewelry i see everywhere

Kuna Walmart hapo moi avenue. Thank me later, njege type.

Enda pale river road kwa mzee patin

hehehe such are not advertised openly online… @nairobilay kuja usaidiane

I am a firm believer that the only jewelry a man should wear is his wedding/illuminati/cult ring.

That being said, go to a proper jewelry shop.

Gay thread

And a watch whether smart or kawaida. Personally I prefer chronograph with leather strap

order a patek from Switzerland…hii ingine yote ni upuss ya low quality stuff.

Enda Eastleigh, they will genuinely tell you if it’s a pure metal or not before you make the purchase

Nmekua eastleigh, pure silver @200bob/gramm

I can ship to you

sema size,design,male or female

Do not want to use a middle man,just direction to a shop,but i will look around

Agreed completely.

Panda ndege uje uae ama uende india

ok mukubwa,since wewe ni mbirrionea kama sisi,ingia kaunda street,kuna shop mbili,biba limited na afri gift center,one of them wanauza silvers but siko sure ni gani kati yao,ingine nagin patni karibu na panda chinese restaurant.ukikosa cheki hapo 20th chini main entrance mama ngina street.ikiona bei sio ya mfuko yako nenda eastleigh nyuma ya garissa lodge huko bei ni nafuu but silver ni za alloy ut good quality except utashinda ukizisafisha kila mara

Nunua kitu ya brass yenye utakua unaiosha na CH3COOH