Where can I get dayton audio subs in Nairobi?

I had intended to stop tinkering with passive DIY subs this year and go for an SVS but apparently the one I’d want costs like 250K ie need to save for several months and question your life choices before getting one.
Decided to get a decent quality midrange cost sub driver to keep me busy while I wait…nothing fancy like jl audio or peerless but nothing rubbish like Sony or pioneer and I’ve settled on dayton.
Ebu mnipee directions I start tarmacking

Weka picha ghaseer and someone will point you the direction,too much jargon aiseh

Could you please expound

Try bic America f12

Their sound quality is mostly muddy matatu midrange bass. I’d like something that hits my chest hard and clean, preferably going below 18 hz.
Btw I have both Sony and pioneer subs and they’ve served me well so not hating

Didn’t want an active sub right now, just want a placeholder passive sub for the next year or so.
Even so the f12 is quite underpowered at 150W RMS… My current 15" is 500 W, wanted to step up

Ingia tu Amazon ujiletee na statesduka because I’d be surprised if there’s anyone here stocking those demonic drivers.Ukichukua kama Vortex
PSS545HE-4 bila room treatment lazima utaitiwa NEMA

Wow. That’s a step up

@administrator @Electronics4u how do I delete this post, nimesaidika

Why delete! Someone else might have the same issue and use it for reference.

At the minimum you should state give feedback i.e what route you adopted and any recommendations

that means unataka kitu iko 2ohms would you try rockford fosgate. they are impressive

There are guys who stock hifi in Nairobi but it’s usually cheaper to import