Where can I get a Hp Folio hii Nairobi?

I went out today with a mission to find a folio 1040 G1 Core i5. I left town dissapointed since the place that had been recommended to me did not have it in stock.

Kuna villager anafanya hii biz akule pesa ama maybe a referral somewhere you are aware of?

There is a thread here saying those laptops are being dumped here.

If it’s used check along Taveta and Dubois roads, or Jamia mall

try double lee hapo bihi 5th floor (new, sio?l

Used or new is okay. I just need it urgently. Wako na facebook page?

jamaa hizi vitu zimejaa pale olx na bei haipiti 25k. just call those who have shops and go for it.

i think so. google them up. they once sold me a brand new folio 1020 g1 se for a song.

Weka bica,HP na Dell kwangu ni meffi…Kama sio macbook let it be a Lenovo T series

Angalia starcomm Norwich house