Where Can I Get 900GB of Online Storage? Free!

It’s all in the title.

I have so far created 8 Google accounts, 4 Yandisk accounts, 2 MEGA accounts and 4 OneDrives. Target still far away.

Budgetvm shut down my server… violation of terms etc. Grrr.

Wacha ugumu nunua HDD ya 1tb uwache kusumbua.

Niko na 2 HDDs za 1 TB each na nasumbua.

Creat 80 google drive accounts.


Watu wanakuwanga na jokes saa zingingine, 900GB free? Or am I missing something

Naomba Magwinji wa teknologia wanisaidie kuyaelewa haya mambo

I know. My intention was to download all of it but Orange changed their data packages so… So I want a place that will temporarily hold the data as I download it in the next few weeks.

Hio porn si ni mingi sana? Itakuwa overdose bana.

Lipia Amazon unlimited storage huwa kitu $65

unakuwaga na duration limit,ama the 65 dollars gives unlimited space forever?

Amazon Music?I have gone ahead and taken pCloud for one month. => 2TB @ 10USD. Tranfering with MultCloud. Good times.

EDIT: Let me not celebrate yet. They might not offer what am looking for.

one year


What are you backing up that takes up 900GB of space?

Dead torrents. >:-]

VR Porn

I use Mediafire check out their options https://www.mediafire.com/upgrade/

Something I don’t understand , hii space yote ni ya nini? Are you making nuclear codes ? Nunua computer ya 10tb and connect kwa Internet .