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[SIZE=6]police intercept deadly weapons from al-Shabaab radicalized former cop[/SIZE]
Tonny Ndungu 5 hours ago 32324

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– The Kenyan police on the morning of Thursday, August 4, intercepted weapons belonging to an ex-RECCE squad officer at raid in Githurai 45

– The ex-officer was reported to have been planning a terror attack at the Ruiru RECCE headquarters among other targets

– He was only 26 years of age, having joined the service sometime in 2013 only to quit after tow years

On the wee hours of Thursday, August 4 the Kenyan police intercepted three AK 47 rifles and 178 bullets. They belonged to a 26-year-old former RECCE squad officer who is suspected to have been radicalised by the al-Shabaab.

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The police who were responding to a tip-off that the officer was planning an attack on among other targets, the GSU RECCE headquarters in Ruiru, Nairobi.

The ex-cop who is said to be a highly trained hostage and rescue officer managed to escape in the dawn attack, leaving behind, his weapons.

The weapons which were recovered inside the house of an ex-RECCE squad officer who is said to have been radicalised.

Hapo polisi wamefanya kazi fiti if that guy had carried out an attack casualties wangekuwa wengi

Tonny Ndungu???..yeye ni nani na ana tuhusu aje?

Siku hizi gsu yoyote ni recce?

Great interception. Now they need to track down the rogue wolf and help him get to his 72 houris.

It’s going to create a big rift in the police force. Somali Kenyan cops will forever be suspects.