Where are we headed kama police hawataki kudeal na suspects?

Dont worry, i was there on business which is none of your business.

good! all the best…

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Aiih! Mboss wee!




the judiciary is not doing its job huyo jamaa angepelekwa court maybe he cud have found his way out, am with maasai on this fagia kabisa

it’s their minds…


Ulikuwa umeenda kununua changaa ya whole sale? No wonder walikungeta. Walijua uko loaded Na pesa ya 3rd gen:D


Yeap, it’s all fun until a close relative get fcuked.

that they’re is positioned “their” intentionally

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hii ilianza kitaaambo. karao kuwaambia tuitieni maiti

I remember some time back in 2005 when I used to stay in Riruta Satellite. There was this Waria OCS who used to disguise as a watchman and would just walk on foot akiwa amevaa ile Kabuti ya watchman. There had been quite a resurgence of small gangs mainly composed of Primary school youth and high school drop outs terrorizing residents like no ones business.
Even though I do not subscribe to the school of thought where extra-judicial killings are used to combat crime it really worked for hii mtaa.
Waria alikua anatembea na pistol ambayo ilisafisha estate properly ile style ya Escobar “Plata O Plomo” Either uende ocha ama ulambe lead


tulishika mwizi…

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If he happens to be a gangster then let the fcuking continue


Maasai for IG . Great work

Tribalist are very self evident in the screen shot but I am sure hiyo hatujaona sisi huona ya ‘these people only’.

Even though I would like to support extra judicial killing 100%, it is a well known fact that our police officers kill a huge number of innocent people and get away with it. For example the case of a 14 year old girl called Kwekwe who was shot in cold blood.

did they get away with it, really?

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Shows the shit this mutunga judiciary has put us in

Ata wewe its all fun until your bro gets fed dengu or strangled by gangsters.
There is no perfect world. You got to know your enemies.

I did not say they got away with it, I used that incident as an example. But there are alot of mostly young men from poor neighbourhoods who are innocent but some cop decided to end their lives because of mistaken identity or because they were associated with a criminal by blood so the cop assumes he is a crook. The point I want to make is that police should respect life, so when they decide to takeout a thug they should be 100% sure they are after the right guy and not being careless and killing someone b4 verifying their identity