Where Are Those Thuglet Defenders?

This is very sad.

i normally feel nothing, lakini wa leo nimeskia vibaya… parenting, even by extension tends to make one stupid.

Good riddance

When a 15 - 22 year old can be photographed with 6 stolen telephones, know that those gadgets were not simply handed over…



ukiishi mtaa yenye akina Engiti wamejaa juwa uko safe…hawa watu hawatakangi kuskia ati…uuui…uuui…ndio hako kameshikwa…jua hiyo siku utawitness kathuglet kakichomwa rife rife…

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alkebab style

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It’s time people living in the estates re-introduced neighborhood watch. These kids are only armed with pistols not AK 47’s. If an alarm is raised or a scream heard, hordes of residents pouring into a street are more than enough deterrent.

Plot twist …


@vuja de,

What is you point?


Elijah Mbugua Njoroge, 20, was gunned down by the police on Friday night in Utawala, Nairobi, part of two suspects whom police said were killed during a botched robbery in the estate they live in.

Njoroge had all characteristics you wouldn’t associate with the textbook description of a Kenyan gangster. His family lives in their own house in Utawala, a middle-class neighbourhood. He is the son of a policeman; his father Njoroge Mbugua is the OCPD Runyenjes.

His family vehemently refutes that he was a thug. “If he was a thief, they should have taken him to court,” his mother Florence Shiabati told the press.
Read more at: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001235613/sex-money-and-guns-the-new-anthem-of-feisty-young-criminals

This should be done Saudi style, in front of everyone ,chop a guys head off, or arm off… thugs are merciless , especially the small boys…

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Kwani mamake alisema nini hiyo?

wazazi wafanye kazi yao. Past that, mtoto ako mikononi ya dunia, na hapo atafunza venye kunakuaga. Hawa vijana wezi ni very opportunistic, and as such ndengu zichukue opportunity on them. chieth!

Don’t understand.

He’s saying that the kid in the headline photo is an innocent, hardworking father