where are the pretty ladies

Am new here I just want to have fun and make friends though am not a kenyan. So if you are good and kind let be friend

@Gay Lord XII unaitiwa kibarua

Heyy pretty:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

This is not a dating site.Go to El.



are you alright or you need to see

Fisi in ng’ondus coat.Beware; not everything is what it appears to be

99% of handles here are male be careful.


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:eek::eek::eek::eek:… Summary priss.

Hii kijiji needs prayers… NVs mnaleteana viti

Ukitangulia una karibisha mwenzako.Comfy seats await.I have noted the other seats are using too much space.
Introducing limited edition NV seats.


:D:D:D NV unapeana kiti… We umekalia nini?

NV kamekuja na handbag.

In this village, pretty ladies only exist in people’s hekayas

So there is no fun here damn kenya is boring going back to the best forum in africa Nairaland.com bye kenyan

Go back.
Chieth ong’er.

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[ATTACH=full]70804[/ATTACH] vaa hiyo ukingoja sevices za gay lord