Where are good men in Nairobi.

Am at an age where all my friends are getting married. I have not met a single good man ready to settle in the last 3 years.

I consider myself attractive, no kids, drive my own car, have a stable business, raised with good morals. What am I doing wrong?

Safisha sisi mecho kwanza tuone kama umefikisha threshold ya wank material

Mbisha icome, tufanye rating kwanza …

the question is are you good in bed?

you need to destroy the idea that there’s an expectation to do things by a certain age,there are no rules to life and life is neither a race nor a competition so live your life to the fullest

Your name makes for good safisha macho

Mbisha mecho ioge

@uwesmake, nimekupa ruhusa ulambe huyu ovaries.

Sura ni nzuri ama ni @hipsnthighs pekee?

do not get married coz your friends are getting married

You are either pathetic in bed or have a smelly vagina

huku single mothers ndio wana demand @culture

Weka application tujitetee

Which career are you in?

Your ‘‘almost’’ perfect partner is out there but you have to compromise on a few of your demands since i know you have a list.

They’re where you left them i.e. your early 20s.

@denis young, yours for taking. #Magutamaguta

Ongea na @Female Perspective, akukatie mbuloti ya kutegea customers hapo nje ya 680! You’ll be overwhelmed!

Mimi cna gari hata bike imekua ngumu …c jui wewe unaeza kua jackpot

You are saying there are no good men then why do you complain you are single.Its like saying there are no good cars in Nairobi and you expect to be driving tommorow,of course you have conditioned your mind to see nothing good in the cars in Nairobi.
Another thing i have noticed is that many Nairobi women are self centered narcissists, they are good at listing qualities that they want yet they have nothing to match, they run around in their early 20’s sleeping with sponsors then wake up in their late 20’s when no man is willing to tolerate their ways.men do not owe you anything,life is already hard so no sane man is willing to bring a woman under his roof to give him problems.It;s like these unemployed graduates i see with placards on Nairobi streets, kindly give me a job, i have a masters in ABC,they feel entitled to jobs because they went to school, no one cares what you have, an employer/business owner who has invested his life in his business from scratch wants to hear what you bring to the table then you can talk.