When your sis decides to procreate with chimpanzees

Mad respect to this bro for defending his sis from the disrespezy inherent in the monkey zoo. But when a woman goes monkey, there’s no coming back bro, she’s tainted, she’s damaged, the ape gone treat her like a tree branch. I don’t know why a woman who lives in America would go out and procreate with a monkey when there’s white men, Latino men, Asian men, you know all other races of men who are superior to black males. If there’s Kenyan or African women in countries with 99% black men who have decided that they rather adopt or stay child free or go abroad to a sperm bank and get pg for other races of men, I know several Kenyan women who have done this btw, I don’t understand the women who are still wasting their time with these orangutans. Mpaka your family ends up getting caught up in the mess. I don’t care if a monkey got money, tumbili ni tumbili tuu. They will never be civilized. Da baby and the rest. Niggas ain’t shit. Don’t waste your time. Your uterus. Your dignity. Not worth it at all.


Love this brother but when your sis is lame and dumb as Danny Leigh you finna get shot. Stay out of the monkey zoo, no need to end up dead over your sisters dumb ass decisions.


Self hate tamaliza wewe @TrumanCapote

Amekua mzungu:D