When you thought Museveni is a dictator

This one makes him look like an angel

That’s an Alpha male, anasema wazi wazi, apantambua tucker tucker.

Hata Museveni alisema, ukitaka Presidency, you go to the bush and fight for it.

Wueh,despots kila kona:D:D:D africa is cursed

is democracy really good for non-western world countries ?

jangili sugu:D

The Eritrea president is a very realistic guy. If one dig deeper, it’s his nationalist policies that attracted sunctions from Europeans.

There are literally no Western companies pillaging Eritrea like other countries we know of around.

But we know a kenyan will side with muzungu any day!

sanctions* illiterate takataka

we always claim to want good leaders, but what happens when you get a good leader who knows they can’t make the country great in 10 years?
what happens if they change the constitution and add more years?

Elections and democracy are not the issue, developement is… How many election has China held? Compare that to poor countries in Africa.


Kwenda ukafundishe baby school if you cannot make any useful contribution here

Yes, yes in two ways

  1. Succession is very important. It is good for people to know you are not the only one who can make things work. Other people can and sometimes, do better than the incumbent.

  2. The longer people stay in power, the more entitled they become. Soon the whole country is theirs.

Africa will stumble until citizens learn how to choose good leaders. Hopefully sooner than later, before waingie kwa shida mingi

The thing about this is western countries don’t force our leaders to take loans. Our leaders take loans and these loans have demands/vikwazo. Leaders take the loans anyway, halafu wanaanza kulia.

Think of it this way, you are a Shylock. Unatafuta MTU aombe pesa. Some fool comes, anaomba pesa akisema atanukisha kitunguu. Halafu anakula hiyo pesa.

Now as a country, you know hakuna mahali anaenda and the proverbial guy is still liquid, so anaendelea kuomba, unampea with more restrictions and demands.

Right now, Kenya is servicing loans, usidanganywe. Karibu 60% of our tax is going to the loans. Things will get more painful especially with continued bad leadership.

Democracy was very common here in Africa. Most tribes did not have one ruler and we had ways of choosing elders

It is all about team work. If one person thinks he can change the country then he is not a good leader. Ten years is more than enough for one person and the rest for the other performers in the team

i know that kingdoms were ‘monarchial’ …but how were chiefs picked ?

I think most tribes had a ruling elders group rather than a king

They were picked by the people in the village. Villages are small and the people can easily vote and make decisions. the coloniser brought centralisation something which was alien to us