When you miss your father

That was not intentional…

Hizi ‘wait until you’ zako zinajaza sewage

What has age have to do with anything? If your mzee couldn’t cook anything for you, sorry. With my dad, mtoto ni mtoto.

Lemme try and get this into your head; so my bro (married with 3 kids then but would spend at dad’s when in nai) was once in transport business, my dad calls him to find out amefika wapi and what time he’ll get into Nairobi. Guy is like around 1am, but he’s not coming home he’s going straight to industrial area kupiga foleni ya Ku offload mzigo asubuhi. Old man makes tea and toast mayai at midnight, wears a kabuti na kubeba njora and off to industrial area at night. Kumuuliza in what, he says “Huyo kijana atakua na njaa, na baridi ya usiku haitaki tumbo ikiwa bure”

Awwwwwww …honestly thats sweet.

…flip side ni it brings forth sissy sons

Nope it doesn’t. Visit my shags, he he ndio utajua. No one messes with our fam, hata chief na D.O wana copy. He he he you have no idea. We’re polite, but zikifyats, you want to he at the farthest point possible.

My Dad helped Mum bath us when Mboch was away. He also cooked for us young ones when he could. Mainly Ugali and omellete, corned beef/rice and put us to bed. But life has to go on for you. That is what my Dr drilled into me. A day at a time. I don’t feel how I felt last year.

have you just confessed something…?

sorry to say this, he was a sissy dad,bathing girls?abomination

Can we not have this convo? Tusizoene. A lot of my male friends bath and change their daughters. Do not malign my late Dad. Not a mshamba like yours who would have left your Sistas stinking. Not my Dad and not my young brother in laws. They bath the girls and put them to bed. Afraid.
So sababu wife ako night shift watoto wakae na dirty diapers…ushamba pelekea nyanyako.

I lost my dad when I was 4. Being the only male in a family of two, I had to take responsibilities as early as I hit teens. I am who I am currently because of the choices and decisions I made.
I miss my papa. I believe I would have been a bigger monster with his guidance around.

very touching and it happened when I was going through this thread https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/on-fatherhood.22593/

wacha nikae na ushamba yangu na nyanya yangu alikufa

By the way I sense who is behind this handle na I will block it right now. Enda ukatembelee nyanyako.

as if I care ,block it

My father died many years ago, my mother died 3 weeks ago. Funeral service took place last week and afterwards we returned to our home, very far from my hometown. I cannot tell you how I feel, I only know that I miss to give her a call, to ask this and that, to laugh with her - just to hear her voice. It’s a very big difference compared to the time when my father died as maybe mothers have another importance to daughters than fathers - at least for me.

Pole sana. Yes they do. Mothers are a some sort of glue. I cannot imagine what will happen when we lose ours but such is life.

Kuna tofauti ya machozi, huzuni na

My deepest condolences.

@principal wacha upuss. That was uncalled for.


I can relate. Lost him years ago, but still think about him, dream about him now and then.