When you miss your father

My father (R.I.P) was an awesome man. He was generous, empathetic, responsible, calm, humorous, a disciplinarian, a dad and a father and so much more.

It’s on a day like this, when I am alone and unwell that I realise how much I miss him. Juu angelikua, he would have been here today, “nursing” me. Because to that man, there was nothing like a grown child, as long as he was concerned we were all children regardless of how old we got. And if he called you and you mentioned that you were not feeling well, he’d show up at your door before you could say Jack Robinson.

Saa hii nangangana kupika mathogothanio ishikilie tumbo. Had he been here I would have had one of his best meals made with love. And he could have offered one of two things; stay the night and keep me company or take me home with him. And tomorrow, I would have woken up to a sumptuous breakfast courtesy of him.

This is weird thread.

mbuyu wangu kitambo alikuwa Mobutu seseseko , unaingia kwa nyumba kama umekunja mukia kwa kona

I hear you sana but where is your Mum/siblings? Our Mum is trying to hold it together as we continue to mourn Dad. Gets easier with time.

So sorry for your loss and that you’re ill on Christmas. You still have people who love you make the most of the time you have left with them. On a light note. Atleast you’re better off than baby Jesus who had no room but a barn with sheep and cows.Not even a roof to be born under. Count your Blessings. My loved one born on Christmas eve died a tragic death. This is the first Christmas in almost a decade the pain of that losses hasn’t been felt. Time has helped me realize he is in a better place and though that’s sad for me bcz I loved him and I miss him. I should be happy for him,he has entered the Lord’s rest. Be encouraged. Even in illness and separation from loved ones, God promises,I will never leave you and never forsake you. I will not leave you as orphans I will comfort you. May the Lord,send you support from Zion,this Christmas.


How? Why?

The departed never really leave us . I believe they are somewhere watching over us, our guardian angels.

Thats beautiful and sad at the same time.there ia nothimg as great as a parents love.i miss my dad too…vant help thinking that if he waa around things would be different. I hope you get well soon.ungekua karibu ningekuletea mashakura

Pole sana. Ungekua neighbor wetu ukiwa msmall, ungehepea kwetu. Most kids in the neighborhood used to chill at ours until their parents come to get them. Sa hiyo mbuyu amewapea story in kicheko tupu kwa hao.

Yani wanaume siku hizi wamekuwa bitch niggas. Sasa hii ni upus gani? Mwanaume ni kujikaza. Machozi achia hawa kunguru.

Sorry for your loss…

Miss my dad too… Been away from him for less than a week but I miss him still… Called him today (I mean I do it everyday) nikamwuliza form ni gani… He laughed like silly… He was just chilling with mom…
I love my papa :slight_smile:

No offense but how old are you?And did you ever have a mother? Coz i never imagined mzee cooking anything for me

Sio Machozi for us ‘kungurus’. First he is not well…he already told us that on another thread. Even though we do not want hear boy child this and that, it does not mean that he cannot miss his late Dad. Wait until you lose a parent ndo utaamini!

I don’t think it really gets easier, rather times numbs the pain. But the triggers are all around.

My mum?? Long story for another day. As for my siblings, well, they’re all settled outside town and couldn’t dare mention to them that I’m unwell. Ningekua na JESHI ya nephew na nieces saa hii. No need to have had them on the road on Christmas day.

but don’t throw things at him again

You need a girlfriend.

Nimethogothania mashakura, though I can’t make nearly half as good a meal as the old man dammit!!!

I lost my mum 17 years ago so I know the feeling. Lakini according to my upbringing, a man is supposed to be a rock others can lean on. Sasa who will comfort you fine ghels sisi tukianza kulia kama watoto juu ya huzuni?

Trust me it does, I did not believe it too. I nearly had a nervous breakdown at the thought, just the mere thought that I will never ever ever see/speak to my lovely kind Dad again. But we have braved this xmas. He ain’t here. Heee you are not alone!
GUYS; visit your parents whenever you can.