When you media people give us repulsive material you get a reaction

Without any intention of glorifying or defending Charlie Hebdo satires, I can say for a fact that the beauty of free press is that no one is free from criticism. When you have repulsive material that dabble on racist, sexist, or xenophobic themes (the same ones Charlie Hebdo satires operate on) being injected into society, you can count on that society to always be able to fire back because the world is self-corrective in nature. Especially at a time when every pressing issue is placed at the focal point of social media, everything is subjected to social scrutiny.

I personally think this is a good thing for as long as it helps breed a culture of thinkers who have all these materials (both positive and negative) circulating within the social spectrum to thank for. It is only when you are presented a view that is different from your own where discourse flourishes, and that is always important. In contrast to that, only when you are actively silenced does that cycle stop.