When you have nothing to lose. Saa zingine kichwa Ngumu pays off!

Around two weeks ago I told my Contracts manager exactly what I thought about him and I even threw a garment of my safety wear to his face in disgust!
My antics cost me my contract (job) and for some time over the Christmas holidays I wondered how I would make ends meet in the new year!..
I even unsuccessfully tried to flog my truck in a bid to finally get out of the hustle and in a bid to find me some income before I retrain and get back to my old career.!

In the meantime, i have continued working for fellow truckers allowing them off days here and there and I have to say, I have actually made just as much in this way as I had working under contract!
The best thing is I didn’t need to answer to the contracts manager as much as he saw me, I was now employed by his Contractors so all he could do was grind his teeth … kikikikkkk…mbwa yeye!

Kidogo,my old clients have been making non stop complaints because the new contractors can’t get to them on time as I used to plus they are all demanding that I come back.

Jana, the manager shamelessly sends his assistant to talk to me as I loaded my truck for another contractor.
Jinga inadai ati all I need is to Name my price and I will get my contract back!

Yaani the knob can’t even look me face to face inabidi atumane?!..

I told them that I am making more money working independently so I need some time to think about it!..( Kikikikkkk)… .
These cunts have finally appreciated my hard work thanks to all the client’s complaints and from clients demanding that I come back because I have worked my tits off to build a relationship with all of them and it’s me they want!..

Tomorrow I have to have come back for the meeting with my demands!..

Nothing feels better than holding your employer by the Balls!!!

I am going to go all out with my demands kesho and it will be a take it or leave it kind of negotiation because I have already mapped out my own hustle in the last few weeks and I honestly don’t need them!..

Saa zingine,we should see the brighter side when things don’t go our way.

And Never sell yourself short just because you are afraid of the unknown!
If you are a hard worker, you will thrive with or without your employer!
It might be hard and scary at the beginning but believe you me, your courage will see you through to bigger and better things!..

Go kabuda go…I like the courage…I had my employer by the balls sometimes back until he met my terms

Kuna siku nilikuona kwa lorry ya Eddie Stobart hapo Milton Keynes…

In my humble opinion going back will be a major mistake. You will sign a contract probably air tight in case of issues. But you know your employer is only bringing you back coz of the clients. They will work to screw you properly. In a manner you can never go back like that. Talk to your biggest clients. Let them know what’s up. Tell them you will work for them but if you get some financial support you can ran your own biz and sort them via biz.

Kabuda si ujinyonge tu. Ulikosea life wapi ikakuchenga ivi? On a light note ongea na waweru uone kama unaweza kuwa house wife uwache Hustle

Good to see it’s going good

mwambie huyo ndume mdosi demand ya kwanza ni umtombe rasa askie vile uliskia Waweru akikunyandua

If for the few weeks you have been on your own and you’re doing just as good when you were employed why would you want to go back? Stick it out

No no no…
What I didn’t mention was that it was a new manager at the site where I have been based for years!..
He comes in na joto most and what he doesn’t realize is that I have some covet deals that I have with the junior management!
I am self employed so I save the company cash by having “under workers” paid through my invoice but he obviously didn’t know that!
He reacted without finding out that alot of people who make the yard function get their cash wage through me!. kikikikkkk… Jinga type!

Now five guys would have to be made redundant out of me quitting!
And I knew it but he didn’t!
It took him consulting afew of his assistants to realise that he just fuck himself!

Sasa, juu I called him Racist in his face, he has no balls to face me live live!..
Inabidi atume the same assistants that I had deals with!..kikiki…

I am going to squeeze every drop of blood from the bigoted cunt!

Advice to KTalkerz being, … No matter your position in a company or corporation, don’t kiss ass, rather, work towards making yourself be needed!

Get yourself out of the cesspool that is full of asskissers and cock suckers!
Be an asset!

This is a consideration that I have as an option!
I’m surprised you saw this opportunity, I always had you as a kumbafu!..
I haven’t signed anything yet and don’t have to until the end of the month so everything is in the air!..

Just got off the phone a few hours ago with a crew of Romanians I know who I could bring in to cover everything!.
Anafikiria anajua lakini hajui!..
I want to get the best out of this deal.

I told you we were winning in 2018! Good job msee

Guka don’t die yet due to fictitious tales.

  • Mrs waweru doesn’t own a truck
  • The actros is a tall tale
  • old job is servicing old pussies
  • live’s hand to mouth

And last but not least @Ka-Buda , put God first in all your undertakings , things will work for you bro.

Hapo Sawa kafunda, remove work with strong…

That’s it. Branding oneself, the only strategy to be competitive and have demads met besides everyone else’s.

Don’t forget to be reasonable. Remember there are guys who might lose their jobs. And also, everyone is replaceable.

Am happy for you for resisting racism and moving out of your comfort zone

kabuda, kwani only one company that gives contracts?

alafu, why don’t you buy a second truck and train those hapless Kenyans abroad to subcontract for you?

Be an enabler.

na yeye mwenyewe ni backhoe

Honestly Kabuda, aren’t you always here chest thumping that you run your own hustle, that you have your own clients, that you have other drivers working for you? Like that time you said you were conducting interviews and you hired a stinky(in your own words) South American.
Why do you lie to us so much kabuda?