When you have nothing to lose. Mwaka mpya mambo mapya.

Leo asubuhi I just threw it All away!

I told my contracts manager to go and fuck himself, ripped off my high visibility jacket , threw it at him and told him to suck me or my big black cock!
( And it really felt nice saying that to that racist cunt’s face. - for two minutes anyway)…

Kidogo my good mates from security are escorting me ni kama ambapo hawanijui!..

Junguz are something else,one minute mnacheka the next anakwekea Sura ya kazi like he has never met you!

Anyway, that’s how I ended up jobless a week before Christmas.

It’s been coming for a while…
See, the weather has been a disaster in the last two weeks.
In my line of work, you are only as useful as the last job you did.
Clients don’t give a rat’s ass if a foot of snow fell last night or if the engine in your truck won’t start!
Them maafakaz don’t care if you fell in the ice and broke your limbs.

They just want their shit on time!
And if you can’t do it,there is two other hungry hyenas waiting to sign on the dotted line and take your contract off you!

The transport industry is ruthless!

@Meria Mata and anyone in the mathree or transport industry knows what im banging on about!..

Anyway, I like to be positive when everything goes pear shaped in my personal life.
I could never solve issues that involved a woman or any partnership but I always come up in triumph when I have to deal with a personal downfall.

I have Lost everything before including a family home and that was tough with young kids.
This time round, I am a single man and although I don’t know how I will cope after the next few weeks, I refuse to be beaten down into depression.

Luckily,the kids have their Christmas presents and I am currently on top of the bills.

Kuanzia hapa it’s downhill all the way!
I put my truck for sale as soon as I got home and I’m getting stupid offers online juu it’s Christmas time and I know that it’s going to get worse in January when everyone s skint!

I have to stay positive and I think it’s time for a career change!
I might have to get back to the mental health industry!
I hate it but when push comes to shove, a man has to do what a man gots to do!

I have always lived by my instincts and Faith and I want to believe that this is a sign from God .
I think I need to pay more attention to the time I spend with my kids.
Maybe I need to just have a break and refresh back to Factory settings!

Whatever God , Fate and Destiny has in store for me in 2018, I will embrace and tough it through the hard times hoping that this time next year, I will be a better man.

And I pray for the same for you KTalkerz wherever you are and whatever you’re going through.

Have a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year full of contentment.

Dawn always comes after the dark and Faith and Hope will always see us through!..

high visibility jacket ,
hii ni reflector ya nduthi ama.?

diyo hiyo mkubwa.

You never realize that you had reached the breaking point until you snup. Been there bro and when I did, I did have enough time to think about it.

Will you hack kuosha a cursing mnyanye kutoka hii job?

I have always wanted to ask you something, what is your side hustle @shocks ? You can inbox if you are not comfortable kujianika.

I will have you know that I am a qualified psychiatric nurse.
I am certified to give you “mataptap” aka happy pills .
Apan chesa!

Not really, just some curiosity mkubwa.

@shocks ni wale watu wa kuvaa tie na suti with countless qualifications and entitlement issues.
I wish people like him will one day realise that God grants you academic talent etc… not so that you get served, but that so you may serve your fellow citizens.

Ile siku Africans wataelewa hivo, we will be a First World continent.

Either I am very unlucky or I chose the wrong profession. I have not been able to establish a side hustle in my line of work.

when one door close mbili zinafunguka

Si wewe ni accountant, si there is businesses looking for someone to sign their a/cs either for filing or for tendering e.t.c

Most will look for people with registered firms hata kama ni ndogo aje, I think I should go that direction.

Yes I!!!
Wanasemanga Mungu hafungagi milango na dirisha!
Nuff respect bruv, najua wewe ni hustler.

ukiwafungulia gate huwa hawawachi za macho?

Before I say shit I have to say I really empathize with you. Mzungu ni mtu mmoja kubaff sana.

But kabuda you live a bit precarious for a man with 4 kids. Same time last year you told us how your truck ilikuwa juu ya mawe and you had to rent a truck to do deliveries. Alafu on top of that you drive a Brand new Mercedes…it could have been a rental but you said it’s yours…

You get my drift. Live life knowing that kesho is another day especially for your kids. Just cos uko majuu doesn’t mean you live like you a millionaire in kenyan currency.

You need to do some financial management course in Dubai.

Za macho mtu anawacha mbao ama rwabe, itafika thao saa ngapi.

One of the lessons I have learnt in life is that shida/hard times cannot kill you but make you more resilient and innovative.

@Ka-Buda sometimes stuff goes belly-up.
And from experience one of the hardest things to do is a career change.
Time to prove your mettle.

Register ka brief case, hata mimi nimeona ni muhimu, last week kuna job ya kama 250k mdosi ameita peanuts, ningekuwa na ka briefcase co. ningepita nayo very fast