When you find a gem.

Hapo ni kweli. I believe [SIZE=2][his] [/SIZE]family is a man’s greatest possession. The second being his pride.

Kizungu mingi tu hapa, but I agree you cant be rerdpill forever if u want a family life

kijana yetu ako na fantas mingi sana za happy ever after

Huyo hana hata msupa :D. Breakfast in bed…hehe

Hujawai experience hii hata time ulikua unadate

:D:D:D my mum alinifunza wagonjwa ndio hula wakiwa kwa bed. Sioni starehe hapo.

I loathe these filthy crossbreeds who are born and raised in an urban setup and only speak sheng and cheap English.

Gotta be the opusssi-est thread I seen in a while. Hii jamaa imeunda karibu threads ishirini denoting to love matters sijui ni nini exactly anajaribu kujustifu

ni movies mingi na soap operas anawatch

What will he marry?

Last I checked we ulisema umekua ukiwahi tu maslayqueen wa mizinga Nairobi so nakuelewa.

Wouldn’t you want your daughter or cousin to be married by someone like me?

Mistaken identity. Not mw

Youre older than me dude.


Mzinga Nairobi iko wapi apo?

Its a figure of speech dimwit.

By a simp? That would be terrible

There’s a woman better than this on YouTube. I saw her bring her man a basin with lemons inside to soak his feet after a hard day at work. Sijawahi cheka hivyo kwa maisha yangu.

If there has been a waste of labor, it is a man. After umefanya hii kazi yote, he will wake up in the middle of the night to call his mpango wa kando. The one who is a beach with them long ass nails that has never even cooked him indomie. Men love beaches. Na wewe ulipika chapos before you went to maternity. Hahaha. This is how you will end up with ulcers and high blood pressure.

Let me just admit at no point or time in my life have I EVER done any of the above and now I understand why I have never been a marriage material Sijui germ. Si men are entitled? I’ve never even done this shit for myself. Even if an angel comes down from heaven siwesimeki. I don’t even cook myself everything I want, like damn, she should be making millions like Martha Stewart.

I remember once a guy I was dating hinted he wanted me to cook him chapos, his exe used to cook him chapos every weekend. She left him. Another one used to cook him chapos every time he was sick. He left her and me who never once cooked him chapos, I ended the relationship bcz I couldn’t stand him anymore. So he has experience with chapos every weekend, chapos when he’s sick and the woman in his life doesn’t cook chapos, none of the relationships worked so at least I was the woman who put in the least amount of work. Whenever he would whine about it I’d tell him to go back to his exe. No matter what I did and I did everything to make him break up with me, he wouldn’t. I didn’t want to end up dead so I withdrew until he got the message. Ladies avoid direct dumping and confrontation if you want to live to cook chapos another day. Men don’t like women who are doormats. They love beaches.

Ladies if you are this good with food make money with it, don’t waste it on someone who will put you on ARVs for the rest of your life. Use what your momma gave you to make some money.Why you doing all this for a chimpanzee who can’t do shit for you except get you pregnant? Don’t waste your talent. Be a Martha Stewart baby. And as a by the way, eating in bed is a bad habit that’s no good for your health.


This woman made all this money from cooking and housework. Wazungu ni watu wengine brilliant sana.


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D nikanyagie iyo kangaroo properly