When you finally realise you are unwanted by your kin


:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM… old people are isolated by their children and die a very miserable death ,they die mentally, psychologically, emotionally then die much later physically, that s why I tell beta male planteshen workers @PHARMACY and company having kids isn’t a guarantee that you will leave a peaceful and happy life, those kids can make your life a living nightmare,huyu Sasa akijua tombstone imeshanunuliwa she will fall into chronic depression.

This December tunakutafutia Bibi kijana , tushapangisha mipango ghaseer .hii opus’s ya mgeytow tunamiliza once and for all. Hata huna aibu ,the president u.k is signing favorable laws to Kenyan men na wewe ni ushoga umejaza kichwa?