When you feel like the sentence you received was too lenient

Bana, wajinga ni wengi hii dunia. Yaani you’re already in jail but decide to attack a corrections officer, with cameras all over? I can understand doing it while attempting to break out of jail, but what would be the motivation for this kind of pointless nonsense? The only outcome is solitary confinement, brutal repercussions from the authorities, and several more years to your jail term. If someone can make such reckless choices in jail, imagine how dangerous they were while free.


Have you seen cases where someone is in jail for a minor crime like theft, and then he kills an inmate.

It’s just crazy how some people throw away their lives so casually.

Some people are extremely introverted. Humans can be pathetic creatures at times and being around them can make you sick to the pits. The guy figured he was better off in the slammer

He is institutionalized. He wants to stay in jail.

Or he has a beef with someone in gen-pop and deliberately wants to be taken to solitary confinement.

You value your life until a point where you discover that someone else can take total control of it

They are either comfortable in jail or they lost hope… Lakini labda alikuwa amewabeba ufala… A gangster huwa hakubali kubebwa ufala… Only that they dint act like wise gangsters… That was stupid