when you die and we all come for your burial

Yesterday was a sad for us in the family as we buried a 32 year old cousin , a mother of two beautiful girls and a Prostitue…the eulogy was less than than half A5 page, no church details, no work details…

The organizing committee was able to keep her “dirty life” at bay as the burial proceeded on well under AIPCA CHURCH. nyahururu, all was well until her colleagues came in, shortly after photo session, they were stone drunk, they started crying asking for an opportunity to view the body…we tried to plead with them to settle down but they had a bigger mouth than us, the person who was speaking the word of God rose up to explained that the their church did not allow viewing after the first prayer…

The man was tough, told them to leave or be quite,  one of them told him off and actually told him to go drying.... He asked them how they would feel if someone came to their place of work and disrupted their normal program.... One of them rose up and pointed at the man of God, she pointed him and said... "wacha umatako wewe, kwanza we nimeshawahi kukuuzia Nakuru na ukanibeba na gari yako ambayo ni wish, jaribu kukana".

They viewed the body for 20minutes then tukaendelea na mazishi bila muhubiri


Maliza hekaya regional manager wonderful wafula.

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hata mbisha hakuna.

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Regional manager ulifuta wale wanawake walikusengenya kwa matatu?


what killed your cousin?

Regional manager kwani leo umevaa pads ama tampons

HIV related illnesses

Hehe hizi burial zenye maliar wanaatend huwa mwoto sana, hao hawajui kujifanya, huwa wanasema yote. Kuna time nilikua naishi Kisii na kuna jamaa flani, let’s call him Mark , he was some sort of celeb among pokos there. As in nigga was generous with money and he was a frequent visitor of those brothels. And he didn’t have a specific poko, he would just fyeka any and all of them.
Anyway, he died (some say from complications za HIV), and we attended his burial. Wacha hao mapokoste waingie tu hivo vile @wonderful wonder amesema, just close to the end. They were obviously high, shouting and generally causing chaos. They sorrounded the coffin of their favourite customer, wailing and saying all manner of embarrassing stuff. Ati “Mark alikuwa ananitomba mpaka namwaga…alikuwa ananiweka hivi (simulating a sexual position) ananitomba mpaka kuma inawaka moto…Mark ata angekosa pesa mimi ningempa tu ya sare juu sijawai tiwa na mboro tamu kama yake” and other more explicit stuff.
Anyway, the dead don’t give a shit, nyinyi wenye kuishi ndio mtaona aibu.


He he he … muhubiri alikamata slices pia



Kama hawa wa Mzansi

hehehehe…alikamatia chini

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btw those guys who say mapoko wengi huwa clean coz they insist on protection need to look at their facts again


Mimi sijawahi ogopa kahaba, but trust me, I feared them yesterday… Yaani they can make a priest in suit and tie to leave unceremoniously… Burial alimaliziwa my my brother in law who is an elder wa PCEA othaya…

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Your cousin was thirty two and a mother of a prostitute already ama ni Osungu?
:D:D:D:D:eek::eek::eek:…I pity the poor pastor. I hope he does not drive a Wish coz if he does, his street cred is dead and gone.
Kama kuna watu I really try to avoid ni mapoko. These are people who have hit the rock bottom and they really have nothing to lose so there can only be one loser when you get into any sort of disagreement with them.


By the way, people are more enlightened nowadays… HIV is real

Sijakuelewa… Tumia Urdu

Grammar ndio mbovu

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It’s okay Mr. Wonder Fool. It was meant to be on a light note but it looks like you’ve missed the joke.


Funny as shiet but very embarrassing for the family

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True. They actually have the highest prevalence rates kwanza wale wa club who go and get drunk alafu wanabebwa na customers I am sure in their stupor they don’t care whether or not the customer uses a cd.