When you backslide you fall HARD!

If you are trying to be a responsible member of society by staying celibate make sure you have will power and discipline. I have studied myself and people in this kijiji who say, “nimequit malanye” and I have seen that there is one thing in common. You have a good fight up until the day your brain beats you. Once this happens usherati 2.0 starts and you become even worse! The only hope that is there is that we are all human and we can keep retrying. With that said, leo nimepanga mechi na Fancy da booty(onlyfans girl).
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Jifunze ku-upload videos

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I am old!

Even old dawgs can learn new tricks



It is all in the mind…


hii discipline umeongelea ni muhimu sana,i had vowed not to have any sexual relations this year and just at the middle of january an old girlfriend hits me up, talking kidogo kidogo she says we should continue the relationship from where we left, 1st feb this year she comes for a sleepover kwa mancave and i rarua that pudesh and man, i develop some feelings for this bitch, on realising so, i take a step back and remind myself hii mwaka niliamua hakuna mapenzi na ngono as i want to focus on my business. quit talking to her up to date i now cross fingers she does not hit my inbox or come back home since she has my spare key.


If you’re serious ungekuwa umekulisha kunguru zote block. Did that to focus this year too. It’s been a battle na sex urge so much but I’ve achieved so much. Ii mwaka ni kutoka block and maybe next year I can relax


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Such fat things exist out there? Damn!!!


Change locks. This other gender know how to hit your weak spots.


Because the weekend is fully booked, I have decided to start a fresh on Monday with more realistic goals. I will not quit lanyes but will reduce consumption.

Ni kama elders wameamua kunyonga hii mwaka. Elders mchunge sana msipate prostate cancer coz ya semen retention…studies say that kumwaga often inapunguza uliza Doktari @rexxsimba

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Huyu dem naskia na a very a known mkulaji fare…kaa rada ama utalala na blueballs leo

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I am picking her up at her pimps house at 9pm. I never send fare.

Ni kama economy imekuwa ngumu.True yeye hula fare but Leo nimeona pimp yangu amempost nkashangaa sana.

Leta ebrufication and all paraphenelia elder…amekua kwa bucket list but amekula fare sana hii Nrb

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Ala…ni kama uchumi imefanya arudi kwa uwanja

Tuko na shida moja, niliamua hii mwaka i concentrate on myself only, mumama wangu mlami amenitafuta juu chini, i’ve been asking for random financial favors just to covertly push her away but anashinda akirudi, yeye hupiga yoga and is certified Yoga instructor ile style huwa nakunjiwa unaweza dhani ni CGI, hufanya namwaga bone marrow hadi nafire blanks.

Nimedelete number yake mara tatu, jana amenitumia text ndefu praising my performance being top tier. Sahi naomba she doesn’t contact me this march, i haven’t made any request but anatitafuta kwa fujo.


Hio mkia inakaa tamu kama sunguch