When will KIKUYUS stop playing this shit – Courts must stop this nonsense by corrupt DPP HAJI

Yesterday I heard that former Treasury PS, Kamau Thugge will become a state witness in a multi-billion dam case facing Former Finance Minister Henry Rotich.

Two weeks ago, Anne Waiguru became a state witness against her former PS Peter Mangiti.

This is despite chief suspect Kabura admitting to carrying sacks of money sent by Waiguru in NYS scandal.

In the two cases, anybody with a brain can see something is happening here.

Kamau+ Waiguru to become state witnesses while Rotich+Mangiti to lot in jail.

I ask DPP Haji, Is this justice?

Wewe ni Gititu ya ukweli ama? inakaa hupendi gikuyu wenzako saaaaaana

i love equity, fairness and Justice

The court of public opinion is just that, OPINION

The office of the DPP is independent. Wacha afanye kazi yake.

You’re either tribalist or a lazy ass.Glue yourself in front of a smart screen tv and watch your feverish english league.Your a sorry ss

Really ? No wonder Donald Trump referred to us as shithole countries.

maybe watching feverish English League with your mother on her knees singing Firirida

But in real life we don’t get what we love son

i admit it is a long journey

Kindly, indulge my ignorance… assuming they both have credible evidence against the accused should be dismiss it because they are kikuyu and they have a past!!!

Did you receive a single shilling wakiiba ama you are here running your mouth for nothing?? If two corrupt parties fight, Wanjiku wins. Let them fight that is none of your business.


uko busy discussing kales vs kikuyus coz you are a shallow tribalist , hutaki kuona shiny eyes wakiendelea …but unashau camel eyes are buying up south c , south b , cbd… etc…

No it is not. Why haven’t they ordered arrest of Nyoro the rogue governor of Kiambu?

Your comment is also tribalistic and lame AF. Somalis are buying up South C…so what?? They aren’t grabbing anyones land.

What did Nyoro do again?

Vita za Okuyu shiets and Kalenjingas msituletee. Wezi wawili wakipigania mali yao ya uwizi inatuhusu aje? 90% of Kenyan problems are as a result of these two tribes. Also, I am sure if Sugoiman was in power, the reverse would have happened.

Hizi posts hukua ufala. Sijui Kale vs Kikuyu. Sijui Somalis are buying up South C and other short stories. The sooner you realize that Kenya is a capitalistic and individualistic country, the better it will be for you. What is marketed as Kikuyu vs Kale is actually a fight between the elite from those communities, not a fight between peasants. The same goes for Somali BS. It is only the elite Somalis that are snapping properties. Most of them are peasants renting in that smelly slum called Eisich and other areas. There is no “us” vs “them”. Vita ni yako vs umaskini.

It is usually the peasants that care about wars that don’t concern them. The elite know this and after stealing they retreat to their tribal cocoons and use peasants as human shields.

Rutto stole like 20B in those dams. If he was to be prosecuted, you would see 1 million Kalenjin peasants accusing the government and specifically Kikuyus (because bonobo 001 is Kikuyu) of tribalism. The opposite is also true. It applies to every community.

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