When Will It End

Am just sick and tired of seeing nations with plenty of oil and natural resources having three quarters of the residents living below the poverty line.

Is there ever going to be a way out of this situation?


That’s the price they pay for poor leadership. Look at UAE, 7 star hotels and high end apartments that r half empty all the time. It was a desert literally n now u can’t believe how it looks though with a lesser population. But leadership has always bn there. Leadership is everything.

Meanwhile, pale Belgium.


What fascinates me, is how African countries sell almost all of their natural resources to the West and now the East, instead of developing them to enhance the lives of their citizenry and pull them out of poverty.
DRC and Zambia are major producers of copper, you’d think the two countries would’ve some top notch power grind and communication network, spread throughout their rural areas, lakini wapi.

Have you invested in Mozambique or DR Congo au kazi yako ni kukosoa tu ?

postcolonial african countries still dont have governments capable of leadership …Knowing that pre-colonial Africa had advanced economies, cultures, identities and kingdoms that were all reduced to rubles is just disappointing …they were even trading with western powers before scramble for africa but past is the past

There’s is no order in today African society. The European made sure they vanguished all strong Africa nations like Maasai etc and elevated savages who serve them to date.

Any new money trying to upset the social order is quickly mutilated with chain of command emanating from Europe and other high places.

true , most borders drawn by colonialists were specifically drawn to create chaos by splitting ethnic groups …look at the middle east after ww1

This is a poor argument. Whichever ways borders were drawn, ethnic groups were still bound to fight in Africa. They were fighting even before the colonialists got here. Masaai and Luo fought for centuries. Kipsigis and Luo fought, etc

Problem is not even governments. It’s the citizens who embrace mediocrity. A European will contribute 50% of his pay to his government and expects his government to place 80-90% of that back to the system, fixing roads, designing cities, supplying sewage removal. An African contributes that same 50% and builds his own pit latrine. Or buys a 4 wheel drive when the roads are never fixed and become undriveable.


One of the most serious criticism of capitalism is the deep inequalities it creates. We can compare USA & Britain vs China.
USA and Britain have very very wealthy people but have millions of people who are homeless. China which only recently turned capitalist doesn’t have huge numbers of homeless people.
Also Kenya vs TZ. Kenya has more billionaires (mostly Indians and wazungus) than Tanzania but Kenya has more poor people than Tanzania. About 35% of Kenyans are poor. For Tanzania it is less than 25.
And I suspect after this pandemic is done Kenya will have very huge number of poor people

Is this a sign of good leadership?

Am I a mzungu or Asian?

Good leadership means development and higher standard of living. As for half empty apartments and hotels that’s poor investment not govt related.They even have different pay scales for citizens and foreigners.