When will a African nation win the World Cup?

What went wrong with the African team this World Cup? We never seem to manage to go all the way. Quarter finals is the farthest - by Ghana -2010, Cameroon - 1990 and Senegal -2002. When will we see an African team in the finals people?

BBC had an analysis over this World Cup, saying we not ready. When will Africa be ready?

When var ceases to be bias

When Africa get food security.

siyo chetu

When will a white man win the 100m sprint?

Different strokes for different folks. Let’s not force issues to fit a narrative we’ve been sold.

Enjoy the game for what it is.

When Africans stop to try so hard to be noticed in such events. Many African players go to the world cup to try and impress international scouts. Their agenda huwa to be noticed by a big team scout so that their lives can change. A team gets a goal scoring opportunity where all a player needs to do is to pass to his team mate afunge tap in but greediness unaona fala anapiga shot inje ya 18. Ball goes over the bar alafu anajishika kichwa with both hands while apologising to his team mate who he would have helped score.


When africa unites to become The United states of Africa

Victim Mentality Chieth

Kenyans should be glad for being the gold standard of long distance racing. Hii futa si yetu bana

Never. I think football requires a lot of coordination, organization and teamwork which we lack as a continent.

Africans generally are a stupid lot, who lack values of self belief

Africa has the talent to win the world cup, what we lack is the drive to get there,

There are reasons why we propser in individual sports

Brain capacity is underdeveloped in today’s fast paced game which leaves many African players unable to make the right crucial decisions in the blink of an eye.

The Luhya of Kenya are well equipped physically to dominate the world football arena.
The only thing that is missing is the Luhya unity. :oops::oops::oops::oops:

Why does Christiano Ronaldo do this?
It’s very gay.

Did you paticipate in any team sport?

kucheza mpira na kifua badala ya akili.

Which Africa r you talking about , coz the current one is not winning anytime soon


When we learn to nurture young talent not waiting for secondary school games to scout old talent masquerading as students. Look at pure african refugees who settled in europe at a young age or were born there