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This is one picture that the British never want the world to see. But they can’t stop it from coming out.

This is Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillip bowing before the late Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. This implies that the British royals recognized Haile Selassie as superior to them. Ethiopia is one of the world’s oldest civilizations, alongside Egypt. When the Queen of Sheba was paying homage to the Trump of the day, King Solomon of Israel, Ethiopia was an organized society, incredibly wealthy with a structured social welfare system. At that time, the British were primitive cretins who killed one another for sport.

Today, false history, authored by the British, has mutated the African mind to believe that the West brought ‘civilization’ to the Africans.

How did we, Africans, lose it?

Eh? Do Ethiopians consider themselves Africans? Your emperor once quipped ‘I am a king of Africans but not an African.’

The Ethiopians there for instance lost it when that mzee who wasn’t really a very capable leader himself was starved to death and the devil himself Mengistu Haile Mariam grabbed power and oversaw the murder of millions of citizens in a Red Terror in the 1970s. Corpses littered Addis. Don’t know if that’s the plan our local socialist rebel has always had in mind. Purge certain tribes wasiwai mpatia shida tena.

Anyway, Mengistu is hiding in Zimbabwe and was protected for very many years by his good friend Mugabe.

I love this picture. Find more of those for those of us in the Black Consciousness Movement