When we get back to power...

No one wants a tikteta again in this country.

am not rooting for dictatorship. never ever. I would not wish to wake up one day and find a letter stating my 2 acre piece of land has been confiscated by Govt because the President said so. What am saying is, a president needs powers. A toothless president is why people are blaming the President even for things that are outside his control. And pray, how has the President sabotaged County Administrations?

Like what?

does the President have control of everything in Government ?

Please, just make it as simple as mentioning the things that are out of the president’s control. Thank you.

fighting corruption, revenue sharing e.t.c

Are you serious, sir? :D:D:D

point out the joke.

That the president cannot fight corruption.

Would also like to know more about the sabotage, huku naona sub County administration riding on powerful rides than the county commissioner, who has 8DC under his command.

how is he to fight corruption under the new Constitution? FYI, he can’t go around firing corrupt officials Maghufuli style, you know why? the Constitution has procedures on how that should be done.

You have the answer right there, sir. Stop struggling too much. If the president wanted to deal with corruption, we would have a corruption-free government. As simple as that.

hehehe, so how does the President come in the procedures?

How did Uhuru suspend akina Ngilu the other year?

nakuuliza swali unanijibu Na swali. smh. Just tell me, how does the President come in these procedures? and does it mean it is only Cabinet Secretaries who will be caught in corruption allegations?

I am basically taking you through how Unye can fight corruption. If you do not know how Uhuru landed that list of corrupt officials, then how do you end up claiming that the president cannot stop corruption? If you have a list and forward it to the courts, and the courts come up short, then there is a problem with the investigations. Go back and deal with the DPP or police or EACC. If someone in the long chain of bodies that are tasked with fighting corruption is not doing their work, start the process of firing them and hiring a new competent person who can do his work. If you think Unye cannot do such a simple task as is envisioned in the constitution, then he simply does not want to deal with corruption. Period.

You have clearly pointed out other players in the war against corruption, not the President alone. Thank you. So if one of those isn’t doing their work, according to you he should be fired and a replacement found, fair enough, do you realise some of them have security of tenure in their jobs, and in situations where they can be removed at will, their has to be very definite reasons. example for the DPP:

The Director of Public Prosecutions may be removed from office only on the grounds of–
(a) inability to perform the functions of office arising from mental or physical incapacity;
(b) non-compliance with Chapter Six;
(c) bankruptcy;
(d) incompetence; or
(e) gross misconduct or misbehaviour.

Then a tribunal is formed to look into the allegations of removal. The tribunal can find the person guilty or not guilty and recommend action against him/her, either complete removal or reinstatement.

(The presidents role here is just to form a tribunal, and act on the recommendations of the tribunal)

So the President cannot directly fire and hire as you purport, and it’s not a simple process as you make it sound. An accused can run to court to seek an injunction when investigations into his conduct are called out ( case in point, Kidero), derailing the entire process.

And for Commissions like the EACC, we have discussed here countless times how useless it is to remove a chairman while the rot remains in the other employees of the commission. Remember how many times we have removed the chairman of the EACC?

A DPP who cannot prosecute is incompetent, hence cannot be protected by security of tenure. I think that is self explanatory. If it is the police wing or EACC, then there should be procedures for having them fired and replaced by a competent team.

Sir, there is no way all those bodies can perform their functions efficiently and fail to curb corruption. It only needs political goodwill from Unye. You need to remember the speed with which the president whipped the Tumbilee MPs when he wanted to pass that bill restricting party-hopping. How fast that was! But you turn around and claim the same person cannot use the same fervor to fight corruption? Hapo unacheshwa ama unajichesha.

what do you mean by political goodwill? elaborate please. maybe hapo ndio hatuelewani.