When we get back to power...

… We should also change the constitution to return most of the executive powers that were robbed from the presidency by the activists, and make our president even just half as authoritative as his Tanzanian counterpart. President Kenyatta akisema let there light, light inakuwa!


After empowering the bugger, we can now take him to task legitimately over several issues. Topmost of the issues? Corruption gurus and renegade opposition leaders!

Jaymoh i have severally tried to educate you but looks like you are unteachable!Let me give you some food for thought How did Maina Njenga Acquire the properties in Karen,Kitengela,Athi River,Laikipia et al?In the same way he acquired the said properties is the same way Jomo,Raila,Ruto,Kalanzo,Ngilu and so many others acquired some of their properties.And since you worship the ground that Maina walks on what have you to show for it?

a NASA president will be the weakest ever to grace the house on the hill. What with plans to devolve almost the entire government. Sijui watakuwa wanaongea nini kwa cabinet.

@Okwonkwo kuja tupigane hapa

nimekuja na helmet, visu na mawe.

No way…that which you think is good are just populist gimmicks that are not backed by any implementation and have chocked the country. Do you know that campaigns to make JPM president for life have already began in earnest. We have a great constitution that guarantees freedom and liberties for all.

Hata mimi. Ulikuwa unasema nini huko kwa thread ya @Grundy ? Niko tayari :smiley:

Nimedhani umehama with reference to coldpilners thread.Ama ulikuwa na share sigiri

apan tambua NASWA.

wewe Ndio ulisema huwezi tumia kitu yoyote imeletwa Na Jubilee

thats how many countries are run

Siku sema hivyo. Wewe ndio ulianza kuniuliza kama nitakataa since ni project ya jubilee, nikajibu it was baba’s brainchild so I’ll keep using it ama? Kumbusa mimi ndugu yangu

by weak Heads of State and Government?

Our collective aim is not powerful monarchical presidents.

…withue thue njunga Mai uthii ugakome!

in a country like Kenya, with very weak institutions, we need a president who can bark and the whole of Government comes to attention. Right now there is Independence everywhere such that everyone can do what they want because - independent from the Executive! See what our Parliament has become after being given a lot of powers? Bullying constitutional bodies and threatening to withdraw funding.

Anyway, let’s just hope as time goes by, we will cultivate strong institutions.

Dictators have been tried all over. The current president has actually mashed up the parliament and turned it into his servant quarters. he has also sabotaged county administration.

Poleni sana. Utikteta ulienda na Moi and there’s nothing you can do about it apart from bribing MPs to have your way.