When UOTP & RWNBP were one.

“Some people are generally slow in life” - @aviator 2016

Which word, words or combination of words indicate mungiki are Congolese?

Haujapata swali langu kaka.

Nimeipata, I just don’t want to say what I think about it.

And you are generally stupid, my fren!

And you still took the stupidest KTalker award…

No, that award went to your mother–for carrying you for 9 months and going to the extent of pushing u into this world! The world does not need more nitwits/dimwits/halfwits! Your parents are enough!

Korodani za nyati wewe

Mkundu wa nyani… paka nyeusi… matako bila shimo! MEFFI!

Umenishosha! Saitaaan! Niwache!