When UOTP & RWNBP were one.


Huyo mwanasiasa nyuma ya ruto aliendanga wapi

…Kabla tinga ibomoe jogoo pale bomas

they look kidogo funny.

Serut? Yuko sana. Alitulia after ile SLDF kufinywa Mc agari na serikali

Kwanza suti ya baba:D

Ni nini tinga anapenda machungwa hivyo? Does it remind him of his long vanished spermatozoa holder.?

As a tumbilidiot, you should be well versed in everything Raila Odinga so you can spew hatred with authority in knowledge. You do not know how the Orange party began? You are letting your fellow tumbilidiots down. Shame on you.

Nope nadhani injinia okundi ,I may be wrong.

Uhuru believed in the Bomas Draft then… Sai anajifanya ati ni mbaya! Jameni?!

He thought the Ukrainian Orange wave would be replicated in Kenia.

Check out the 10 top Kenyan politicians views and positions on issues such as the constitution, corruption and food security in the past 15 years. You will be shocked at the number of times they have changed positions depending on if they are in power and in positions of authority

Unlike your stereotypical intellectually challenged allies, I am quite busy making a living. Whoever the leader of this country will be, my business will not be in any way affected by any divide that rises to power. Kijana mdogo, I dont have the time to follow your demigod or my party leader for that matter. However, i rely on simpletons like you who are ardent follows and idle wastes to bring me the latest political gossip and entertainment while I engage them in a bottle of whisky or two. Mind you, we are not on the same lane and while you are waiting for the free rent to get into effect, i will be waiting for your rent at the end of the month lest i serve you an eviction notice. Potelea mbali pepo mbaya

Oh, the butt hurt is prominent. I wonder what kind of intelligence is this your claiming from the person who accused me of being a tribalist simply because I said kikuyu pussy is whack. Don’t try hard to look different, hata makanga mungiki wa dandora hutengeneza pesa na kumeza trigger baada ya kunyanganya watu change. Hiyo ndio umefantasise ni whisky?

It is doodles like you, deficient in judgment, good sense, or intelligence; a fool in simple terms who can boil everything down to tribe and when called out on it come out claws at the fore like the feline you are. Not relating to the cat family, I mean a pussy.

Unlike you, I got my own permanent place, I don’t need to whine about rent like the pussy (I mean you) you just displayed in your post. I’m not riding on the investments of others of my community so that I make anyone feel like I own rental houses. You’re just a mungiki wannabe squating on someone else’s property and lying to yourself that it is yours.

Wacha kujifanya eti you don’t have time to follow Raila yet you are present on every post by your fellow tumbilidiots, acting like the tumbilidiot you are. I wonder how fools get the sense to call others fools. Serious case of projecting your own deficiencies on others.

Please, no mungiki squatter is allowed to call me kijana mdogo. I can have you gutted like the brits did your ancestors.

Haha. Kijana mdogo. Ati squatter? You should know better. As they say ignorance is bliss. I may not be able to have the militia skills you possess but trust me, in any other dimension i easily outpower you. Hiyo rank umepewa afisa, cadet is not even a mention in the quarters i know. In other words, i can not talk to you without you bowing down or articulately placing your open palm on your forehead.

My friend, matusi najua uko nayo. You have a proven track record. To me though, you are like every other 43m kenyan i see. So calm your balls boy.

You are just simple-minded man with refined english and you stand no close to intellectual mentions. You are tribal, backward, learned but uneducated. I hate engaging you because your ignorance irks me and derails my spirit. If it is your type we had in the demographic encompass of our beloved country we would still be grappling in utter poverty.

You are nothing but a sorry ass, incapable of engaging in real issues and policies. You have only shone in the political realm simply because you can ignorantly outtalk real policy addressors. You shout loudest with nothing more to say than the uotp acronym in so many words.

I dont feel the need to come down to your level. You are energy draining and small. Tukutane kwa debe afisa.


Yes, we know mungiki have met all sorts of people in their quests to fleece Kenyans of their hard earned money. That does not mean you are anything more than a squatter.

Bitch please… eti outpower. Yes, in vernacular and fleecing Kenyans, squatting on other people’s lands, yes, I do agree with you. In any other field in life, it’s more unajaribu kushindana na ndovu kunya. But I know a meno brown mdomo kauka mungiki like you will still attempt it. The only person I can bow to is my God not a meno brown mdomo kauka mungiki. And by the way, why are you trying hard to put yourself in a league that you clearly will never belong to by bringing up people you supposedly roll with? You’re just a mdomo kauka meno brown driver to some village chief. Come, I’ll show you what real power is.

Oh, the intellectual pauper thinking everyone is in the same financial bracket as them. Get a life dude, fleecing people doesn’t make you rich seeing as you’re still a squatter. If it were up to me, people with IQs similar to your’s would be culled from existence.

I see. Calling someone a tribalist because they described pussy from your tribe as whack is really intelligent. We should have nominated you for a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for that. Perhaps, even a Nobel prize. Wow, such intelligence, right up there with the likes of Tesla and Einstein.

No, I don’t shout loudest, I simply state truths that pierce right through your bigotry, idiocy, hypocrisy, mendacity, chicanery and duplicity. That’s why you and your fellow tumbilidiots hate me. You can go hang yourself now. I’m sure only your fellow mungiki squatters will miss you.

Wah wah wah. This thread is on fire. @Jazzman you’ve decimated this idiot mercilessly. Stay in your lane @pimpin5000hoes

We wacha zako… Hii ilikuwa after jogoo isha chinjwa. This was during the 2005 referendum!

We wacha zako… Hii ilikuwa after jogoo isha chinjwa. This was during the 2005 referendum!

Kwani Mungiki are Congolese?