when they want you back in the simpshit valley

one of my post simpmanship maneuvers has been described as heartless. …nimetulia kejani coming to terms with the fact that redbull may dethrone my guys the silver arrows, a lady i casually banged some time back invades my inbox begging for some cash ati amekwama. now some day before,infact hours, she had posted some collection of party pics in some resort(manicured lawns, swimming pool) akiwika vile her birthday was ‘lit’…nikamjibu visimple…‘please ask your birthday party people to help you’…wacha malalamishi yaanze…oooh…huna roho, ur no longer the gentleman i knew, yu’ve become a jerk…ilibidi block roho safi…if i dont feature in the good times, in the tough times pia usiniingize kwa hesabu…no hatred, just situational balancing.

How much are you worth ?

umekuwa KRA Sasa?

Just asking, sina ubaya Githee. You don’t put such a rant when you’re worth peanuts, you might be mistaken for some sort of disorder.

Ooh… Noted

I agree, never respond to these messages for money. Let them call.

They usually send this same message to many people.

They also call many people. Kausha tu kama huyu brother

So umesema ulijam ju hukuitiwa cake

Infact i got invited…ni vile siku ya sherehe kulikuwa na formula one race

They may be peanuts, but they are HIS peanuts. That is what them bitches do. If you do not “come through,” they quickly switch to shaming you by calling you stingy or broke. You seem to be heading in that direction.

So umesema @Kahuni Maisha is a bitch

Shaming tactics don’t work on the red pilled.

Wewe si ni advocate wa single mazas… Naonanga ukiwatetea sana hapa

Bro mimi ushawahi niskia?

Sounds like you are bitter she didn’t invite you to her birthday party!

Hutu tusichana na favor wacha tu

Hapo sawa elder. Mwenye alikamua yeye amkwamue pia

Ungeitisha mkia kwanza

Wapi hio texti tuichambue

So ulijam ju haukuitiwa pilau ama shida ni what?