When the Woman Proposes.

Women really are strange…
A friend of mine has 4 baby-mommas and they are all around the same age.
We are all getting on in age as in wote wako in their early 40s and my friend is just turned 40.
He maintains a cordial relationship with all his baby-mommas and sometimes that involves lying to them about having a future with them just to keep them sweet etc etc…

Juzi my friend went back to Kenya on an innocent holiday and he forgot that he is famous for saying that he doesn`t want to grow old alone and that he had promised himself that he would get married at age 40.
Now they are All paranoid ati alikuwa ameenda kuoa!

The craziest shyte is watching all the baby-mommas all being Nice to him thinking that they are the one that he is going to choose to get married to!
Two of his babymommas have actually frogmarched him to the jewellers on different occasions ati “wacha tupime size ya vidole”… kikikiikikii…

My friend is playing it cool knowing that getting married to any of the four would spell disaster juu the next thing is being taken back to court for visitation rights by the other three etc…
Wanawake wako na wivu and they can be so spiteful.
Women get really desperate when they hit their 40s alone!

But my friend is loving all the attention and propositions of marriage from all is Baby-mommas.

To be honest ,they have all been around the block and wametumiwa na Naijas,Tanzanians etc. and in the end non of them made anything out of “playing the field” so all of a sudden wanafikiria ati this guy will want to marry any of them.

Wanawake wako na mchezo sana.
My friend ata hana shuguli nao anawadaganya tu ndiyo waache drama aendelee kuona watoto wake in peace.

Enyewe you young women fikirieni sana kabla mkuwe single mothers.

Mwanaume hazeekagi…; Wanawake ndiyo hao huzeeka !
Wise up and be a Woman when you still can.
The days of your youth are numbered and if you don`t want to grow old alone; please get your priorities right while you are still young.

In the meantime; beste ya mine anarudi mtaani soon to marry another hottie anataka kumleta majuu.

Wanawake wasapere waskize hapa pris…



Beshte yako ndie unaitanga Waweru?


He is not marrying any of them juu ya court cases from the other three, now that he is marrying a totally different lady, now he has 4 problems instead of three.

Rafiki yako ni mjinga, he will never know peace.


“He maintains a cordial relationship with all his baby-mommas and sometimes that involves lying to them about having a future with them just to keep them sweet etc etc…” your friend is an idiot and you are too by extension.


I wanted to say that but in a polite way.


Actually he will know peace.
He is buying time.
Watoto wake will be like late teenagers by the time alete huyo wife yake mwenye anapenda.
In the meantime kazi ni building a good relationship and bond with the kids he already has.
And if that involves lying to their two faced mums then so be it!
By the time alete mwanamke mwenye anapenda and they live happily after; watoto will be already old enough to understand and then he can have his cake and eat it (so to speak).

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At 40 hata amechelewa kulea.

This is your story Ka-buda.


Hi Babes!
Mbona hizo tena?
Can`t a Nigga call it as it is anymore bila kuitwa mjinga?

The boy child has been oppressed for too long we the Modern men are now fighting back bila gloves!


if its for the kids then well and good for this your friend :smiley:

we wish him all the best


And what is the RIGHT time kulea basi?
Mr. @Kenjatta ?

Mbona umekasirika madam and the way u girls order shots the whole night and leave the hustlers to go drying. After milking his wallet ndio unaskia ‘my uber is here see ya!’… @Ka-Buda’s friend is just scoring an equalizer for team mafisi


A brother who feels my Pain.

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Its about time we men do a "Wangu wa Makeri " on these women!
Wametuzoea sana.
There is a good reason why it was okay for a man to marry multiple wives since time immemorial.
My friend feels like he is a Rebel in the battle for a Good Cause.


Nilikuwa nafikiria utatudanganya ati ni wewe unaproposiwa…waaaarithis…
Wewe ile proposal unaweza pata labda ni wasee wa Farmers Choice wakikubembeleza uingie kichinjio wakifikiria wewe ni ngurue…:D:D:D:D


My friend`s pain!.. kikikikkkikikii…

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Asante kwa maoni yako @denis young nakutakia kila la heri kwenye pilka pilka zako za kutafuta “Likes”


Hakunamy friend hapo. Thats your situation.

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:D:Dpole kabuda…i could not resist…