When the two talk angrily at the same time

When the two talk angrily at the same time, it only aggravates the disputes and could make situation violent and worse. 4. One of the couples could excuse himself/herself and go outside for a while to allow the anger of the other couple to burn out before returning. It is most likely that the anger associated would have settled by the time the spouse returns. 5. Many people have things that make them angry and tired of their marriage. Couples should therefore communicate effectively to get the turn offs of their partners or spouses and avoid the turn offs to prevent disputes that could threaten their marriages. 6. most time in marriages, the best counselor is yourself (the couple). Do not feel or believe the counselor outside your union is the only one to settle your dispute because the counselor is a professional. Take solace in yourself and counsel yourself first. Know that you are the only one that can make your marriage work and decide as well as do everything to make it work. 7. Related to the point 6 above, do not allow third parties to interfere in your marriage even in disputes. Many other peoples’ experiences may not suit your situation. Therefore, talk more with your couple and share experiences that can settle the disputes. When we get married we have the dream of the happily ever after in our eyes. But as the reality of marriage sets in we realize that a lot goes into this happily ever after.

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