When the Kid Comes In-Between

I have been with my househelp for a little over 2 years now
When i employed her, she had a daughter …and it wasnt a problem then
The kid was to deter me from developing sexual feelings towards her
But leo the daughter turned to a big problem
When the houssie knocked, I was in bed
I tiptoed and opened the door for her, never wanting to waste my sleep even a lil bit
I went straight to bed

Now the daughter started crying over upuzi

She cried

I tried to ignore
I tried and succeeded not to wake up and smack her hard

She cried

I gave up, woke up, showered and left

Now I am thinking, of letting her go
…kelele too much, be the reason
secondly, her making me comfortable house-wise, inanichelewesha kuoa

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Kwani its a kid of what age?

within 2 years, she had a slow growth …so bado haongei poa …najua hajafika 3 coz when i employed her katoi kalikua kaless sana

Part of belonging to human society involves making some personal sacrifices for the good of the community.

I doubt that she’d have brought her daughter over if she had an option not to. Don’t fire her. Ask about her situation. Ask if she can leave the child elsewhere. Seek to find a solution that doesn’t result in you putting her out of a job while caring for a child. Ask her to come later so that your sleep isn’t interrupted.

Not every problem requires harsh and swift judgment. Be the good that you want to see in society.


You are flogging a dead horse.

I am not a people person
I am very protective of my space
I have sacrificed enough to let her come over to my place

Sometimes i feel i need her, sometimes i feel i need her work to be done but sitaki mtu kupiga piga kelele na viti, vyombo , u know

Soma paragraph ya kwanza na ya mwisho tena. Unfortunately, you’re responsible for more than just yourself. Or not.

So you have a house help but bado haujaoa?


Umenyamba point!



househelp ‘day scholar’ si expe

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Tafuta wale ma mboch day scholars…wakuja morning anajitoa jioni

ni day

Basi asaree mkiddy mtaa ya kwake. Job ni job

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Oa huyo singo mboch akupunguze ujinga. pubaff!

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tunaogopana …which is a good thing

If I was you ningekula huyo mboch. I am amazed at your self control

My friend over 3o yrs old na hajawai show interest kwa madem. I know why.

Fire someone because of a toi seriously! how many minutes will it take you to tell her not to come with the child…wacha kuwa savage…

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I wouldnt fire her without a strategy …I would send her with something small ya kuanzisha small biz like groceries

Which I have suggested to her severally as it would pay her more than I do

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