When the going gets tough

if you know you know

VC elezea sisi nini inaendelea buana

mkubwa hii CFS ni gani??


new or relocating?

brand new secondhand.

and if you don’t know now you know

Very clever move, alot of shunting and last mile business opening up right now

ngombe @Ice_Cube haijashikanisha

Two for the price of one. [SIZE=1]Ya kuleta Nairobi[/SIZE]


hehe brain ram iko 2% efficient bana

Through pass mkubwa ninukishe kitunguu pia niko mbaya saidi last month gari imelala whole month!

Really? :smiley:

Hapa ni Unifreight,this is one of the many ways ya kuavoid huge port charges since cfs calculate the fees in accordance to cbm.

… nigga!