When the ex wants a rematch yet she's married.

There’s this lady who I used to chew back in my early 20’s. She was a soft meat I can say but it reached a point we had to part ways coz the flame died out. Now after so many years yesterday I saw a friend request on FB and ofcoz I recognized her. As a gentleman I accepted at same time knowing there must be something cooking.
Immediately she came to my DM saying all manner of things on how she’s missed our old memories and wants a rematch although she’s married with 1 kid of 4 years. Na ii baridi ya April I’m contemplating although najua bibi ya mtu sumu. Question is can you shack your ex?

Anataka kukuambukiza ukimwi. Either that or it’s her husband who tracked you down and wants to know kama bado anagawa nje.

You will die fast and slow

Chukua slices kisha utuletee hekaya report

Wacha kuuzia OP baridi…

Stay away from married woman

She asked my number but I refused. Then she even calls me through Facebook calls and video chat. I’m planning on blocking her soon.

Abort mission.
You should be focusing your energy to fuck young and petite women between 18 to 24 years.

If you fuuck her, you will be doing her favor since she’s now a stale old mumama.

Abort mission, we say an ex who returns is coming to finish you completely. Utashikishwa one of 2 things, mimba au ukedi… or maybe even both.

Huwa mna engage na ex aje, Mimi sijui kuangalia nyuma, nikimalizana na mwanamke, hapo siwezi rudi.

Chukua slices brathe hautakuwa wa kwanza ama wa mwisho kuwa funzo kwa wanaume.

Jiheshimu, the moment you shack her, you would start a cycle that will never end and would live to regret. Ni bibi ya Mtu venye ulisema, abort mission.

Nilikuwa na ex kama huyo some years back, Even after blocking her, she would flood my fb inbox with messages, yet she was already married. But I stood my ground, nilikataa uhusiano kabisa na bibi ya Mtu, looking back at it, I feel proud I was able to rise above pussy desires

admin shikilioa tuu hapo

hajakwambia anataka mtoto wako? Women have premordial desires to have their children fathered by different men. But mostly they can only do this with men they have had some romantic connections with in the past because it is not easy to open up to new men when already married. They will tell you it will be a secret between you two but be aware she will later in life tell the child either in the event her husband dies before her or for economic reasons. Because they do this mainly for economic reasons, they will eventually tell the son or daughter secretly that you are their father so that they can come for inheritance

Wee fala umecopy hii wapi

@MTINGIZA KITANDA!!!'s “exes” are all prostitutes. He can never point at a woman and declare her his former girlfriend. The only women he can point to are all luthuli momos :D:D:D

Sad, but also amusing.

Men, always teach your sons to approach girls, or in their thirties they’ll end up desperate and paying rent to prostitutes in an effort to ignite a “love” affair.

Move on my nig… that punani has been stretched with a kids head. Its bila grip… like the things most guys in planteshen are chewing. Unaingia haujui uko ndani ama inje.

Leta hekaya mkubwa. This is oddly specific

Kuna elder alisema lips za a married woman are very loose, kama matope-compared to a normal unmarried kunguru. Test this hypothesis then utuambie your ordeal. Mlinganishe na kitambo.

Nothing specific bro! I have collected this from villages during my long life

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