When THE COBRA stands between you and your dreams.

[SIZE=7]Mr Kobra himselfu,[/SIZE]

  •             [SIZE=6] Rusle Wasle the wonder Muscle[/SIZE] ,
                                                                     [SIZE=6] Mr. Dick mwenyewe, tormentor of anything pussssy:saitan:[/SIZE],
                                                                                                                                                     [SIZE=7]Chief annihilation officer of the bedroom[/SIZE]

has become a problem. He is STANDING WELL:D:D:D:D and melting away laydeeees but that’s not the standing that is causing the trouble.

A few months ago I started eyeing some lady. Hii mwezi ikianza ndio I made my intentions known and tumekuwa tukiongea culminating into, [SIZE=5]one lunch at her place [/SIZE] (where nigga was given treatment mfalme, 3 course fresh tasty food, Na nigga ikapewa to carry)and [SIZE=7]one visit Pale frozen yogurt [/SIZE]place on my bill.

The Challenge is that I have come to learn she is a virgin, wale watu wa
[SIZE=6]NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE[/SIZE] not due to religion but just principle.:eek::eek::eek::eek:

[li]Asking her sexual prefered position - none juu hana experience.:D:D[/li][li]While discussing [SIZE=6]condom breakage[/SIZE] she couldn’t understand how one can know its broken.:cool:[/li][li]Total lack of sexual vocabulary, and is [SIZE=6]intensely naive[/SIZE] nikama ata porn hajawai ona, but not due to religious reasons.:rolleyes:[/li][li]Deep sexual intensity ;)on small things like ile ata ukimpea a [SIZE=6]tight hug [/SIZE]her knees lose energy nikama kiwete inabidi umem shikilia:oops:.[/li][/ol]
Wadau the chick is
[li]26/27 which is younger than me[/li][li]nimeona this girl is a good person quiet and reserved,[/li][li]Upon visiting her academic background, she is an[SIZE=5] A student all her life[/SIZE][SIZE=7],[/SIZE] A CPA-K with First Class pale campus[/li][li]she is a good human in general caring about the environment health and other community stuff,[/li][li]has gainful employment as do I.[/li][li]Is the kind of laaaydee I would like to make an [SIZE=5]honest woman[/SIZE] out of[/li][/ul]

But Mr. Cobra is having none of it akiskia atangoja mwaka ama mbili [SIZE=6]before apewe URODA.:p:p:p[/SIZE]

Wadau leteni maoni. Mnaona Mr. Kobra apewe haki yake - Meaning the lady ata wachwa ama alale Garage in wait?

Niliuliza malaya siku ingine kama she does get clients more often, akaniambia “no” ,infact I was her favourite & she even likes me… This was clout I had picked online

:D:D:D:D:D alifaa aongeze aseme, bila wewe ata angeconsider kujiua juu maisha haitamake sence anymore. THE FLATTERY OF THIS GENDER ACHA TU

:D:D toboa hio virgin ,story nyingi za soap opera wacha, as an elder I have spoken

Banae sasa mimi is a long time excaper of the VIRGIN ppl… Huyu nashindwa ntaanza wapi ata:D:D

I think its the universe telling you thats its time to settle downewn with this good woman.Now, she checks all the boxes of a wife, so, u can be a total diq and let her go out into the world to some other deserving guy or you can be the DESERVING GUY and be patient.

The thing with female virginity is that it can be verified.Once you hit it utajua immediately whether shes a virgin or she was taking you for a ride hii time yote.Am also looking for a virgin to settle down with coz they are rare in this time and age.If she checks all the boxes,what the faq are you waitingfor.She is even gainfully employed so unajua that watoi wenyu hawatakua madwanzi coz mothers are mostly the source of academic intelligence for the tois.

Opportunity knocks once brathee.

This has been haunting me yaani. Ata najishindwa bratha. Thanks kaka

So, if after marriage, the guy verifies that the woman he had waited on for two years isn’t a virgin, what next? Instant divorce…?

Madem WA kuhug alengee wamepotea hii century buda, WA siku hizi lazima uweke hio ikuss kitu Kama vidole cucumber dio afeel ni kama analegea, deenya huyo dem I repeat deenya huyo dem ama utupee coordinates tutaste kama umetuenjoy


Utapata Vaginismus ndio imefanya iyo kitu isichimbwe. Sample the goods first. Akikataa, next her.

Utapata ni wewe tu ndio unanyimwa juu wewe hufoot bill ya frozen yoghurt plus you are “husband material” lakini huko nje anagawa kama sacrament kwa ibada ya pasaka. Don’t believe the hype…26/27 year old who know’s “nothing” about sex? Naaaaah.

Sijui kwanini wakale wengi hupata hii kitu Vaginismus…leo Senyeste iko poa keshoe Senye imeshiakana hata na lube haiwes

What makes you think a virgin is a wife material. You need some good experience. Most become the devil himuselifu once they discover sex. Kwanza the Nativity they can easily be influenced by friends and the heart break will be your worst.

Baaaana sasa hii ISA new problem to consider

Mazeeee hii kitu ikikufanyikia unaskiaga nikama uko under sieke

in my ‘caring guy’ days(read beta) ningemeza story za msichana kama huyu juice ya ukwaju, but the tactfullness tht i have developed will tell me kuna anaitomba na kuikunja to a point that the lady at times begs to see the guy for more dick

If she’s employed jua tu it’s a matter of time atasuguliwa proper, hiyo itakua mali ya wakubwa…Endelea ku mark time hapo tu. Utamuona na mimba ya someone you least expect, kula vitu buana.

Play your card’s well pita nayo.let her gain trust in you,akiwa free nawewe hata atajuà what happened

If she is a good woman keep her. Kobra itakula panya za msimu.