When Singo Mother Prefers you over her Baby Daddy

So there’s this time I was taking slices from a single mother of one girl aged 8. By the way I loved the kid, out of my natural love for kids. She tried to hasten the process of me being called DADDY but I refused. I told her we can’t cross that threshold that fast since we were still trying things out. I remained UNCLE. She would talk to me on phone and ask “unataka kusalimia mtoto?” I would politely decline and give excuses, then she would later tell me how to has been asking about uncle. I became firm after several slice takes, affirming that I remained UNCLE. I knew this was headed nowhere and therefore didn’t want to hurt the kid in the long run.

Then came my surprise one day. Baby Daddy reached out to her on WhatsApp, and she game him a dress down, telling him to crawl back to the hole he had come from. Then she sent me the chat. I told her she should have listened to him coz after all they have a kid pamoja, akaleta nyef nyef, of course trying to make me feel comfy.

What could have been the issue with the woman? I mean shouldn’t someone take their Baby Daddy back in the interest of their child? Akasema hamtaki na hamtaki. Nikabaki na maswali. After taking slices for four months nikatembeza kiatu. It’s one of those relationships that picks steam very fast, so those four months were very eventful


She thought you were the better man. Take the win. Lakini mchezo ya single mothers wacheni.

Utamu ya women between ages 18-24 itakumaliza basi. Soft soft women.


Baby Daddy is a brokie compared to you. So, using her logic, you are the better deal.

Remember that most single mothers are women who tried to monkey-branch unsuccessfully i.e they cheated with a richer man than their baby daddy - generally.

Huyo Baby Daddy akaomoka she would hunt him down like a fugitive.


Chukua slices na kuingia mitini.

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It’s hypergamy, nothing more. You probably have more resources than the baby daddy and since you had already agreed to be the “uncle” within four months, in her mind she knew she only needed to flood you with sex ndio ukubali kukuwa step dummy. If the baby daddy had money, hungewai ata jua ako na mtoto, that is if she would have given you slices in the first place.




Another thing I noted, women don’t like to take responsibility for their shit. I later realised thats why she was slamming the door against her baby daddy. I would tell her something that would improve her life and areas where she needed to change or correct, and she would react funny. Maybe hata the baby daddy alipona hiyo kichwa ngumu akatembeza.

But her sex was toooooop, but isn’t that too little to offer?

The old age wisdom of the kijiji prevailed; kama mwenye mtoto alishimdwa sembuse wewe?


ulikuwa unachezwa. She can speak to her baby daddy as rudely as she wants and he will understand. Most importantly is that she is still talking to him. if she really did not want anything from him, the block button is one click away.

A good way to tell ulikuwa unachezwa is that as soon as you broke up, she blocked your number but she was phyiscally icapable of blocking her baby daddy. Hapo wewe ndie ng’ombe. After all, she still talks to him na anaeza mwambia she was just in pain but amemsamehe akujie slices.


I agree kabisa. Alikuwa so strategic in her communication. Kwanza when she began realising that I was getting tired with her shit but I had a soft spot for kids; she would flood me with the toi’s photos Hadi at some point I feel like giving the small gal a treat; she was a child after all and didn’t choose to be caught in the current situation. Hapo sasa she would make a comeback!

What I later wouldn’t comprehend is how the small gal also developed some funny mindset. I realised she treated me how ‘I came’. There’s this day I came with just a biscuit coz anyway I was in their neighborhood and it was not in my plan to meet them. She looked at me in some way, like I had failed some exam. Kitambo she would play around na Mimi which would melt my heart, that day she left me and went to play. When I was leaving, she had just walked in, and while on other occasions she would be itching to see me off, this time she chose to watch cartoons. I realised I was just a tool, while I thought I was helping a child lift her self esteem with affirmations and some gifts on her small accomplishments.

That truth hit me very hard, but I felt like God opened my eyes to the futility of my exercise. I never looked back.


Exactly. The Baby Daddy would come back with different numbers (according to what she said) even after she blocked him, that’s one part I forgot to mention, which really didn’t make sense to me; this is a person you allowed to mwaga ndani, you stayed in his shags for a while and you can’t look back??

She didn’t block me, actually I stopped responding to her messages even when she would respond to my statuses with flattery, and like every subsequent post I made on my social media.

I have never had any problem with slice takers, I was settled on that even though she would swear loyalty and fidelity without my asking at all. If you demand faithfulness you walk right into a trap, for full provision and all manner of other senseless shit.


Hope uliingia mkia bila lube

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It’s because the kid was a girl. Girls are very socially savvy and realistic. If it was a little boy his affections would’ve been more genuine. Girls grasp the reality of things haraka sana. At her young age she already knows how the world works, and the importance of money. She ain’t no idealist.

That kid will be a whore in future. Not a brothel lanye but a chic who parcels her attraction to men on the basis of money.


Thanks for expounding.

The most I did is dry fry her.

You may not know how relieved I was after three months of ending the relationship and I did HIV test ikasema negative. I was so satisfied

Eventful you say? @Hydra fafanua na hekaya…

Fvcksome months

6 months in ungepatwa na the odd pregnancy scare but inakaa uliangukia mtu hana hizo maupuzi

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I was there in the third month, but since I had condoms and she had insisted on having it raw, I categorically told her the moment she confirms she is pg she should just delete my number coz I will block her ass and won’t talk to her kabisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ajipange

Na somehow akipata, there’s always something that tells them they can convince you to play house and happily ever after

Lakini hata Hawa 18-24 year olds ni ma single mother tayari. Unapewa hekaya in between mechi Hadi nikashtuka. Kwani this single motherhood is really an epidemic

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