When Shit Hits the Fan




what did i just read!

My brain cells dead after reading this, Wtf!

This is not 1400s these days men don’t make anyone pregnant. In today’s world a woman has Total control over her fertility ie they can only get pregnant if they choose to. Let’s just be honest she wanted to get pgd by the guy.

These guys have always had an open marriage and had been working so well for them.

Meen, inareduce iq by some points

who are these people?
wako jubilee?
kama wako jubilee, wako kwa kambi ya ruto ama kambi ya uhuru?

Wacha nikazurure Badoo

LOOK AT HER …I wouldn’t mind having a threesome with that chick too…hata kama ni 20-some tuambiwe tupange laini …na hakuna kuruka line , NAYO NAYO… :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool: