When ShinEye Regains Senses.

From the Star Website
Pastor James Ng’ang’a is enmeshed in another battle after a member of his congregation sued to recover Sh2 million.
Ng’ang’a has been in the news for allegedly causing a fatal accident in which a woman died at Manguo, Kiambu county, on July 26. He denies involvement.
He has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving, failing to report an accident, giving false information to police and conspiracy to defeat justice.
Yesterday, businessman Geoffrey Ndung’u filed a case at the High Court in Nairobi, saying he “subconsciously” deposited Sh2 million into Neno Evangelism Centre’s bank account after Ng’ang’a prayed for him.
Ndung’u has secured court orders freezing the accounts of the church in Equity and Co-operative banks, pending the outcome of the case.
In court documents, he says he was suffering from mental illness when he withdrew the money from his personal account at Equity Bank, OTC branch, Nairobi, on April 5, 2012, and deposited the sum into the church’s account.
The trader says he approached Ng’ang’a for spiritual healing and deliverance and does not understand how he ended up giving him the money.

Ng’ang’a says, however, he owes Ndung’u nothing and if he indeed gave the money after prayers “then it was a gift to my church”.
The televangelist says the suit does not specify any course of action and it should be struck out.
“If such money was deposited in the church’s account, it was deposited without coercion, inducement and was an absolute gift,” Ng’ang’a says.
Ndung’u denies the money was a gift to the church.
He says he approached Ng’ang’a, seeking for a refund but the pastor turned him away.
Ndng’u said it was during one of his sessions with Ng’ang’a that he left the pastors’s church at the junction of Halle Selassie and Uhuru Highway roundabout and went to withdraw the money.
The case will be mentioned on September 22.

A fool and his money.

Ndungu’s bank account was Waweru’d

One thing for sure is that ng’ang’a fall is near, you can’t fool people for long. And then another one will appear and eat from fools for a while.

Huyo ni mjinga tu. How did he make the 2m in the first place?

don’t bet on it. there’s no shortage of fools.

He’s Fighting a loosing battle,sometimes I just wonder what kind of people attend this church.

Kuvaa sackcloth na kujipaka mchanga kwa kichwa na kuask god for “intervision” sio kazi rahisi. Geoffrey Ndung’u will burn in hell for suing god.


Hapo hakuna makosa Ng’ang’a amefanya, the complainant will not be able to prove how Ng’ang’a moved the cash from his hands to the church’s account. In Kenya, we have close to a billion (dont mind about the real population) fools with nothing in their skulls.
After Prophet Mureithi(?) who was doing his thing at Cabanas being exposed as a con, he has a mega church in Mlolongo.
After Prophet Kanyari (who still does his thing in downtown Nairobi) being exposed extensively in the media, his church is always full to the brim every time there is a session.
This country needs to be annihilated from the maps! :D:D

Hiyo labda ni shamba ali uza

Ndung’u haoni ata bob! Ngoja tu…

Hope is a rare drug, and it’s peddlers can be Quite successful.