When RUTO Says BBI Isn't A PRIORITY, He Shows How Unfit for Presidency He Is

Don’t believe RUTO when he says that BBI is inconsequential.

BBI is the biggest threat to the gains made by the 2010 constitution. When someone aspiring to be President can’t stand up to oppose it, it reveals the depths of his unpatriotic soul.

BBI is BAD… EVIL I dare say. If in a position of power and influence RUTO can’t save the nation why should we even consider him for Presidency?

He has the political muscle and goodwill of the citizenry behind him, but he decides to do nothing?

He has proved faithless in little, he has disqualified himself from the PRESIDENCY!!!

I can defend the other politicians, they stand to gain a lot from this unholy union with UHURU and BBI.

BBI is dead.

Not with Tanga Tanga idiots telling their followers that it’s inconsequential and they shouldn’t bother to vote

Ni asubuhi na umeamkia siasa. Damn!

Ati asubuhi…

Siasa ni ya asubuhi 7:59

Hata tumechelewa

But we have been asking ad nauseum here; does he or has he or did he ever have a track record of standing up for what is of benefit to the nation? So why would he now? The man is drooling over the prospect of clinching the presidency and exercising the imperial powers bequeathed to it by the bbi.

You want him to use his own resources to fight bbi ilhali they are earmarked for 2022, wewe pia kuwa serious

How about just NOT telling people it doesn’t matter whether they vote or not!!!

That will only paint a target on him and be easy fodder for dynasty surrogates to gain clout.
2022 is the target, BBIchieth is muddy waters

BBI is set to benefit the politicians, especially the president, massively at the expense of wanjiku. Ruto is a politician whose greed(just like the dynasties) knows no bounds. You can be certain that the thought of an imperial presidency as proposed in the bbi, is giving him endless mental orgasms.

Take this to the bank…

Even if you support RUTO, it would be far better to have RAO as President under the current constitution than RUTO under BBI.

2022 is about who will become president. It doesn’t matter! The bigger threat is BBI!

No one should be President under BBI.

We can’t have elective democracy (functional) and an imperial Presidency.

If you think 2022 is more impactful than BBI, you are misinformed.

I support Ruto’s narrative because I can see the moral hypocrisy wamashati and his employees demonstrate.

The fact that they are called dynasties is in line with their imperial presidency ammendment, hizi zingine ni upuzi and will be dropped at the earliest convinience.

Kenya is a democratic republic held hostage by a wannabe Monarch, anything else is mudding the waters.

BBI is truly their project, and 2022 is the year the nation dies.

BBI creates an imperial Presidency!

You are comfortable with RUTO as an imperial Presidency?

You think the dynasties will pass BBI to give Ruto imperial presidency?

I’m comfortable with no individual having that much power

It’s meant to block him from ascending, no?

Then you should be seeing that BBI is of far greater impact than 2022. How do we elect out an imperial President?

Just you wait… 2007 happened because the Presidency was powerful enough to overturn the electoral will of the people. Here we are, giving back such power back to the Presidency

You talk as if BBI has passed the refurendum, state machinery or not the will of the people will be felt.

Yes and he is okay with it. Dont you find that strange

The simple truth, every leader would love to be President under BBI

I am pointing out the threat RUTO’s statements will have on the voter turnout among those who would vote NO.