When Raila was Raila..


Obviously Uhuru never requested /wanted SGR to reach kisumu Ber…plan had been hatched long time for SGR to end at Uhurus farm in Naivasha…but now Raila has been silenced by handshake hawes ongea…so all this was just PR to go China and ask for sgr kisumu

My take has always been that the handshake had to have alot more behind it then what we got in the media. All political deals the world over are always like this.

If this is true that raira was in beijing as a smoke screen to hide the kenyatta family’s true intentions, then its quite obvious Agwambo has been promised something very substantial. This is probably why Ruto’s camp has been quite jittery.

Kenya’s future politics is going to be very interesting

Si ulisema umehama kutoka Kwa hii kijiji? How come you are still posting threads?

I was just about to ask HIM the same kweschen.
@Akothee must be @Uwesmakei

Or @Introvert


Kigongi imefanya nini tena?

lets stop propagating a falsehood on serious matter. SGR is not a personal affair.