When phones stop ringing for bigwigs battling graft charges


When it rains, it pours

Yaani we are supposed to feel sorry for a guy who spends his days playing golf?


This is how the political life cycle is.

Let them eat their humble pie. Kwanza uyo wa 68K ata he is lucky, He shouldn’t take anything home or give it up to deserving Kenyans he stole from.
We have mirrions of Kenyans who are jobless who need that money to start their life with.

Kidero should just die with his whole family .

I also receive over 10 calls in an hour . na wakenya kulipa loan Ni vita

Psuedo elitism at its best.

"…Another said the golfing community is yet to come to terms with the fact that one of them could be arrested on the golf course, an act he said caused embarrassment to the golfing fraternity. "

I once met Mangiti and his personal assistant at his 10th floor office after I was referred there by his line CS over some shenanigans at NYS that were frustrating us. He came across as a very snobbish dolt. No way be didn’t know what akina Polisi were doing.

68k ni doo mob sana


from 1 million salary , 5 million kickbacks a month


68,000 ?

Huyo ghassia ameficha za NYS

if kenya’s judiciary was not as corrupt as it is , these thieves would be rotting in kamiti instead of playing golf all day …

rent = 12500
mafuta ya Cayenne + Forester = 20k
Shopping ya keja = 8k
kamnyweso na date moja moja huko nje = 5k
12.5k imebaki nasave

68000 pop ni mshahara ya 13 mboches na kila moja ajibambe na soda ya 1litre kila mwezi.

This is not even justice. Real justice would be to return every stolen shilling to the taxpayers and then adding fines for having stolen that money in the first place.
When is Waiguru facing the law?