When people show you who they are believe them the first time

What is so hard leaving a person who doesn’t love and respect you and I thought it’s only women who put up with this BS of their husbands kuzaa nje. Like Mr. Seed. Kumbe even men. Mambo ya relationships ikikuchenga achana nayo please don’t insist, for your own sake, acha aende coz those who are not with you, are against you. I left a church after pastor mmoja kutoa ushuhuda ati he was praising God for killing the man who stole his wife with Cancer. Yaani mkristo Tena pastor. Uchawi. Because of a woman or a man, who left you of their own volition? If you want to become a witch or wizard, kindly leave God out of your obsession and stupidity and idolatry. Abudu Bibi ama bwanako mpaka uombee second wife or husband to die without tainting God’s name. Mimi praying against people I don’t and even if God punishes them I don’t talk about it ati ona Mungu wangu amenipigania. Read your Bible, it says, if God punishes your enemy aone umefurahi sana ata wacha kumchapa kiboko. Let’s avoid worshipping or idolising human beings. Mtu ukiona Hana haja kuheshimu ndoa muondoke before akuletee Ukimwi. It’s very dangerous and God doesn’t allow you to commit suicide by exposing yourself to AIDS in the name of marriage. Unless you are Hosea na Mungu ndio amekwambia uoe Malaya.