When monkey branching goes horribly wrong

The woman was a married nurse.
Like all women, she thought she could do better than her “loser” husband.
So she started an affair with a “brilliant” doctor.
They agreed that they’d both divorce their spouses so they could be together.
She rushed to divorce her useless hubby, but predictably, the doctor didn’t divorce his wife :D:D:D
When she ended the affair, the “brilliant” doctor turned out to be a psycho who wouldn’t let her date other men.
Finally, he injected her with HIV-contaminated blood. Noma sana.


Some simp still married her

Finally video post ya maana ina make sense. Sio zile mharo news za @TrumanCapote za ‘OH my gad another chimpanzee does it again’.

:smiley: watched that Doc last week, serious shit with a very painful dose… Na sio HIV it was full blown AIDS:D na ugonjwa ingine sijui hepatisisA

Ilikuwa cocktail ya AIDS na Hepatitis C. Huyo daktari aliamua kumalisa kunguru kabisa.

Noma sana … huyo ni vile hakuwa na virus za covid na ebola banae:D nyang’ao haikutaka kubahatisha

sijaona the documentary but sielewi how stupid talkers find actions of the doctor funny complete with grinning emojis .


Hii imenikumbusha ile time admin alitufichia hii emoji akaweka za tiktok, karibu kijiji ibaki mahame

Wah! That’s ruthless

wacha maFeelings mgisu nitumie konyagi…
watch Doc uChecki vile kunguru ilipangia 1st wife maNgory mpaka threats…
nugu wewe