When marrying, should you go for looks or Love & respect?

Vijana wenye waliendea looks sahi wanalia kulia

Here’s another one for you @It’s Le Scumbag .

Whatever is good for the gander isnt necessarily beneficial to the goose…:smiley:

When did we become so jaded ?

nithing matters with women.K is constant.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, you’re not ready.

Mke ni tabia… Sura na matako wachia kunguru.

Ukweli usemwe, me siez oa kiatu nae.
Mwanamke ni sura, tabia tutarekebisha

It’s always beauty & the beast and never handsome & the beast. Hakuna haja all the women in your locality be more beautiful than your wife. If she’s not a 7 and above do not wife her

I will go for both if possible…but one thing am sure you can never change a woman’s behaviour…

…na mwanaume ni pesa sura watavumilia.

Na mangumi

If you think you have the power to change an adult pole sana

Listen to Kenny Rogers. Resptrospect/hindsight or what they call 20/20 vision is very important…

Ati uchange tabia? Unanikumbusha story za huyu msee mandom hapa ocha vile ata change lami isiende tao ifike kwao kwa keja yake.

Umeacha brains wapi

This is a question used to test what a man prioritizes in the female kind, vanity (looks) or his values (love/respect)…Personally, I believe that attractive people should be reproducing and bearing children. So I go with vanity 100% of the time. I know that my happiness is my responsibility, and self-love ni muhimu. I should never task anyone to provide those for me. Same case applies to companionship.

Love and Respect are foreign concepts to women. Women love their children and women do not understand the concept of respect as men do. Men battle for respect and earn it, women are born with respect and never have to earn it. These are just facts.

So I will never search for love and respect in a woman. All I need is a beautiful submissive woman whom I can bear children with when the time comes.

He wants a dumb blond… Esteem issues abound.

This is a vv important bit.

Submission ni muhimu sana. Part of the reason I got hitched. I needed someone who can tell me what to do…and I also wanted shudren.
We can never be equal else mtasumbuana sana. We also give each other a lot of space. I cannot stand clingy men. He cant stand clingy women either.