When Love Ends.....No Winner Here.

A rift between husband and wife, the husband lives abroad, the wife lives in Accra Ghana.
The woman thought the husband would abandon the building since is not movable.


The land belongs to the woman, but the man built the house. Both were in court for divorce when the judge asked the wife to take possession of the land, and the husband to take possession of the building but since he cannot move the building off the land, he brought in an excavator to pull the house down.



There’s really no benefit in doing things out of spite.
It’s a short life and we’ll all die. (I hope I won’t).

I approve of the man’s actions. Ikifika mahali pa kupimana mafwi, let everyone know that you have a bigger asshole than them. Mwaga mboga nimwage ugali.


Sometimes judges can make díck decisions - the man to get house but not the land!? Go figure!

Except in this case they are both Idiots. Two wrongs dont make a right