When Kungurus Are A Pain With UR Friends...

I have been married for 22 years but I have a strong affection for my male best friend, Ryder.
He’s extremely easy on the eyes, so much so that even strangers comment on how handsome he is.
Sometimes we nap together and take turns being the big spoon.
Occasionally, he will put his tongue in my ear, and I think it’s cute.
My husband is OK with it and shows no signs of jealousy.
I’m pretty sure my feelings are reciprocated because when Ryder looks at me with those big brown eyes,
it’s as though he is shooting love daggers my way, and he winks at me often.

Next week my husband and I are having eye exams.
Would it be too much to ask him to get colored contacts to match our German shepherd?


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I have been seeing a wonderful man for seven months and spend every weekend with him.
We live 45 miles apart, but it works for us. He has a group of friends,
five ladies, that he spends a lot of time with.
He dated one of them for a year before he broke it off, but they remain friends.
I have met the group and, while they act friendly, I get a proprietary vibe from them.
It makes me feel extremely uncomfortable around them and I have told him so.
Am I looking for trouble where there isn’t any?
Should I just ignore the fact that his friends are women?
He has men friends, too, but it’s the girls he is closer to.